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    Why I Shared a Love-Hate Relationship With My Baby's Maalishwali
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    Puspanjalee Dasdutta
    ForBaby Dove, 
    I am from Guwahati Kamrup Metropolitan, India. Mom | Infopreneur | Foodie | Nomad
    28 February 2017

    Why I Shared a Love-Hate Relationship With My Baby's Maalishwali

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    About Baby Dove
    When it comes to being a mother, there is no right or wrong way - only your way! This is why we partnered with Baby Dove to bring your baby superior skincare aligned to your instincts as a mother.
    When you decide to have a baby for the first time, it is not even possible to imagine the chaos and anxiety which prevails after the stork visits. You go through an array of physical and psychological changes but you do not get a ‘break’ from your duties. You wish to be the only one who takes care of the tiny bundle of joy that has been brought to life by you. No matter how raging your postnatal hormones are, you always want to be super alert to keep your baby healthy and well all the time. I had a wonderful pregnancy and the sudden chaos totally knocked me off my feet.


    I became cranky and it also reflected on my baby’s behaviour. He used to wail for no reason and I would panic for every little thing. It was then that someone suggested I hire a dhaima or maalishwali.

    During my pregnancy, I had planned on doing all the baby massage by myself. It was my time for bonding with my baby, to know him more and to let him know me more. But I was not expecting the mood swings that I got after childbirth. I was a little sceptical about hiring a masseuse as I thought that:

    ·         They handle babies very roughly

    ·         They apply so much pressure that it affects baby’s bones in the long run

    I was so sure I wouldn’t go ahead and hire a massuese but my mother in law finally convinced me to hire someone for at least seven days. I let them hire someone but with a condition that I get to choose what massage oil she would use to massage my baby. We then asked our friends and relatives to scout for someone trustworthy. At last our search ended with Renu, who is a certified masseuse for babies.

    I think I had asked innumerable questions before hiring her for just a week's trial. I resented the masseuse for taking away my chance to massage my baby but that resentment was soon replaced by gratitude. I noticed great results, my baby was also really enjoying the massage. I finally extended her term with us. As much as I knew she was making a good difference, my relationship with her was still a love-hate one. Thankfully, she was a cheerful person who wanted to teach me as much about baby care as she knew.

    Here are some of the highlights of what I shared and received from my baby’s maalishwali:

    ·         Never, never believe that your masseuse will poorly handle your child. They are gentle people and love babies as much as you do. Although you MUST supervise the massage session, and then trust your instincts to judge whether that particular masseuse is best for your baby. From thereon, it is important to trust her with your baby

    ·         Maalishwalis have good knowledge about how much physical activity your baby should have in initial months. They encourage the baby to have better movement as they develop

    ·         Massages are very important for baby’s physical and mental growth. It is one of the best ways to bond with your baby too. Your maalishwali will always teach you tips to massage your baby once she leaves

    ·         My maalishwaali was very strict in ensuring that a bath doesn’t strip away the moisture in my baby’s skin.  We both chose Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar which replenishes essential moisture and nutrients. The fact that it is hypoallergenic, which minimises the risk of allergies, pH neutral and dermatologist and paediatrician tested only added to my reasons to trust only this bar!


    ·         I ensured that my maalishwali followed basic hygiene while handling my baby. We both washed our hands properly before and after the massage session and while bathing the baby, I used very delicate and baby friendly products like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Body Lotion to ensure that my baby’s skin stays moisturised for 24 hours! I found that it soothes dry skin from the very first use and I also love the mild fragrance that emanates from my baby’s skin after application.

    ·         My maalishwaali also made me feel good about the changes that my body was going through at that time and boosted my confidence. She taught me that those days were very precious and it was important for me to feel good about myself to nurture self confidence in my son. That was a lesson that I have been following till now. You can’t make a confident kid unless you are a confident mom yourself.

    The relationship that was started with hate and resent turned to a trusted and loved one with my baby’s maalishwali. She not only massaged my baby but gave me much required support during those first days after childbirth when I was so low. Though I shared a love-hate relationship with her, I will cherish it for my whole life.

    Baby Dove believes that there is no right or wrong way to be a mom because there’s no such thing as a perfect mom – just real moms, doing it their way. Mothers instinctively know what’s best for their child and Baby Dove is here to reassure moms to trust their way!

    The newly launched Baby Dove range of products is now available on To know more about Baby Dove, click here.

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