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    My Baby's Skin Is Soft as Cotton, Thanks To These 7 Tips By My Doctor
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    Deepali Adhikary
    ForPalmer's , 
    I am from Indore, India. I am a freelance writer/blogger/trainer outdoors and a kick-ass mom at home. My experiences and opinions turn into words on my blog I have a diverse writing portfolio which spans from light-hearted humor to the issues affecting the society, my parenting challenges and reviews of books. I have a keen interest in andragogy as well as pedagogy and love to work with different age groups. When not writing or training or doting my kid,you would find me with a book. I am also found on @deepaliadhikary in the twitter world.
    22 June 2017

    My Baby's Skin Is Soft as Cotton, Thanks To These 7 Tips By My Doctor

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    for Baby
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    About Palmer's
    When it comes to skincare, moms can trust only in safe and natural solutions. We've partnered with Palmer's to nurture your and your baby's skin using nature's special ingredients!
    Everything about a baby is special. His smile, his eyes, his hair, his incoherent baby talk… and his skin too. But that cottony soft, glowing skin which everyone wants to touch and feel needs extra-special care.


    A baby’s skin is very sensitive and prone to infections. These infections, if contracted, can cause painful irritation and discomfort for the baby. Preventive care is thus essential to keep it soft as cotton and retain its glow. So when my doctor suggested the following tips for my son, I made sure to follow them prudently.

    My Doctor’s Skin Care Tips for My Baby

    The first thing I learnt about a baby’s skin is that it is very different from an adult’s skin. My doctor told me that baby-skin is more porous and cannot regulate its temperature. Also, a baby’s skin does not have melanin and is vulnerable to sun burns. This basically means that baby skin is not capable of coping with extreme weather conditions, rough texture of clothes, or harsh chemicals. And hence, it needs extraordinary care and specialized baby products too.

    1.      Keep it Clean

    Since a baby’s skin is porous, anything on the surface of the skin will seep inside quickly causing infection or allergies. Even drool can cause irritation if allowed to dry on baby’s soft skin. My doctor instructed me to keep my baby’s skin clean by wiping it with baby wipes or a soft cloth soaked in warm water.
    Tip: Do not use products with strong chemicals or alcohol. I completely trust products with natural ingredients such as the Palmer's range of baby care products. All their products, from baby oil to massage cream, are made with natural ingredients like cocoa butter. They are also dermatologically tested to suit delicate baby skin.
    2.      The Right Bathing Ritual

    Though it is important to keep the baby clean, bathing very frequently can dry out the baby’s skin and wash out the natural skin oils. Depending on the weather and climate conditions you can choose to bathe the baby daily or on alternate days. Use lukewarm water and mild soap. Do not rub very hard. I prefer bathing my baby after a gentle massage with baby oil.
    3.      Diaper Care

    Diaper rashes and rashes in other folds of the skin are very common in babies, especially in hot and humid weather. Change the diapers often, clean the area with alcohol-free wipes and generously apply a soothing diaper rash cream such as Palmer's Cocoa Butter Rash Cream. It can also be used in all areas where the skin folds, such as arm pits and waist, to prevent rashes. The cream is very effective in forming a protective layer on the skin and relieving any irritation caused by rashes.
    4.      Regular Massage

    There are conflicting opinions about massaging babies. But I relied on my doctor’s advice to gently massage my baby regularly with natural baby oil. Not only does it help in digestion and bone development, but it also improves blood circulation in the body which enhances the glow on baby’s skin!
    Massaging babies with nourishing oils helps in stimulating the central nervous system too, thereby augmenting overall growth and development. Palmer’s Skin Therapy Baby Oil is a good, multipurpose pick that not only moisturises the skin but also softens cradle cap and soothes eczema-prone skin. What I like best is that it is infused with natural cocoa butter and Vitamin E – both of which are excellent for baby skin.

    5.      Let The Skin Breathe

    It’s important for a baby’s skin to breathe normally. Remove the diapers and any heavy clothing for some time during the day and let the baby’s skin breathe freely. This helps the skin to remain dry and also boosts the immunity system.
    6.      Moisturizing

    Baby’s skin is thinner and loses moisture very fast.  Hence, it needs to be replenished more often with lotions and moisturizers. Since I stay in a particularly hot region, my baby was sometimes exposed to harsh sun rays causing sun burns. Even the ACs made his skin dry.
    So, I had to choose something which not only retained my baby’s natural skin oils but also replenished the lost nutrients. Palmers’ baby care range was a natural choice for me, for both massage oils and moisturising lotions. I’d recommend the Palmer’s Baby Butter Massage Cream in particular; it has really helped me keep my baby’s skin nourished and hydrated even in extreme weather conditions.

    7.      Do Not Touch

    Babies instantaneously attract everybody and people love to kiss and cuddle them. But that can also cause irritation to sensitive skin! It may sound rude to friends and family but I ask them politely to avoid excessive touching and kissing the baby. And those who really care for the baby understand this.

    Babies naturally have soft and glowing skin, but they are also vulnerable to skin problems. The good news is that most of these problems are common and can be prevented with sufficient care. Common skin problems can be treated at home and heal in a couple of days. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor if the problem persists for longer.

    Cottony soft skin not only looks and feels beautiful but it also reflects the good health of your baby. So while you make sure that your baby is healthy within, I hope these tips help you enhance the glow of his skin from the outside too.

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