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    23 December 2016

    7 Strong Signs That Indicate Your Marriage Will Not Break Under The Stress of Having Kids

    Saloni Singh
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    I am from Gurgaon, India. A Happy Mommy of two adorable daughters. A life coach by passion n qualification (for last 9 years), a gynaecologist by previous profession. I blog at and love to help parents to get in touch with parental joy even more and in the process raise joyous and happy children :)
    Marriages might be made in heaven but to make them heavenly, we need to constantly work on ourselves and on our relationship. Becoming a parent brings a new dimension to the relationship. Even though there are many great things about having kids, such as a newfound joy, freshness, fun, and so much more, it also brings a huge responsibility. And sometimes, after kids, couples get so consumed by the family responsibility, providing, and making ends meet; that they forget they are lovers and romantic partners. So what makes a marriage strong after kids?


    Amidst us, there are some couples who are aware of the ways their marriage can change after kids come in. And they make sure to maintain the bond and connection between each other by working extra hard on their relationship.

    I am putting down 7 strong signs that your marriage will not wither after kids, but rather, will blossom even more.

    #1: You are willing to grow with challenges

    Being ready for having a baby means you are flexible and ready to take on the challenges it brings. Children are good at making you get a flashback to your own childhood memories, triggering your pain points, and showing you the mirror. All these things can either wither you or help you grow with them.

    If you're willing to let your children be your teachers, learn and grow with the phases and challenges of parenting, you are in for a joy ride, else it can be a tough and painful one!

    You know parenting doesn't come with a manual. You and your partner are two different individuals, raised by different parents, and you may have different viewpoints about parenting. But you try to genuinely listen and understand each other.

    #2:  You let go of your partner's mistakes easily

    Having a bad memory especially about the errors or mistakes your partner makes is a great asset to have! If you can easily let go, forget and forgive your partner's little and big mistakes, you're a happy person. Happy people have great relationships as they prefer to be happy than being right all the time.

    #3: You still have date nights

    You both know how important it is to spend quality time with each other, even after becoming parents. So date nights or evenings out are on your list once a week or in every two weeks. You enjoy going out with other even if it's just for a coffee or ice cream. You enjoy talking to each other and are comfortable sharing your worries or dreams.


    #4: You go out without each other too

    Almost as important as a date night is a friend night/ evening. If you're not each other's only outlet, that's a great thing. It means you've cultivated some good friendships in life. Having a life outside of your family makes you a better partner, a better parent and a better person!

    #5: You keep the spark alive

    You make sure that the spark between you is alive even after many years of togetherness. You still feel fuzzy when you hold hands, or look into each other's eyes even across the room. You might like to dress up for your partner and complement your partner for their looks. You try exciting activities together and enjoy giving each other surprises, whether as an outing, a gift, or in bed. Yes, a great sex life is a great sign!

    #6: You agree to disagree

    You know that it's almost impossible for two people to think on similar lines all the time, so you mindfully accept that you're going to disagree on some things. Whether it's how to parent, what kind of school you choose for kids, or what to eat - you know it's OK to have little fights and arguments. In the end, you make up. Always. You're mature enough now to handle such disagreements with calm. You discuss things and can come to a common ground so both of you are happy.

    #7: You laugh together

    Fun and laughter keep the blues away. Whether it's laughing over a comedy show, a joke, or over a card game, you like to have fun in life. Being too serious about life, parenting or anything else makes it more difficult than it is already. You like to keep things light and laugh it off every now and then.

    These are my seven signs of a healthy, strong marriage and also things we should work on to have a beautiful relationship even after we become parents.

    What are your secret spices to keep your marriage strong? Do share them with me in the comments.

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