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    7 Little Things Moms Can Do Daily to Burn Belly and Hips Fat (Exercise Isn't Included!)
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    Preeti Chauhan
    I am from New Delhi, India. A full time doctor and Mom.I started blogging to get some me -time .Visit my blog at to read more.
    28 December 2016

    7 Little Things Moms Can Do Daily to Burn Belly and Hips Fat (Exercise Isn't Included!)

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    After having kids, time becomes the most precious commodity for new moms! There are just so many baby-related chores to do every day, that there is no time to focus in your sleep or shower, let alone weight loss! Hitting the gym to lose that post baby fat is a really difficult - almost impossible - proposition for many of us. But don’t lose heart yet!


    I am listing here some simple cheat ways which will definitely help in taking care of those love handles (read: extra kilos) around the tummy and hips - and all without exercising at all!

    1. Start chewing your food thoroughly and eating your food slowly

    This trick can help you feel fuller with fewer calories. It can take 15-20 minutes after food is first eaten for the full range of satisfaction signals to reach the brain. So when you eat slowly, you feel full for longer and don't eat fattening snacks! This is among the easiest ways to lose weight and also prevent further weight gain.

    2. Eating these proteins has been shown to help lose almost 5 kilos in 3 months!

    Protein has powerful effects on our appetite. It can increase the feeling of fullness, reduce hunger, and help you eat fewer calories. This is because protein affects several hormones that play a role in hunger and fullness, including Ghrelin (our hunger hormone),  which is secreted by the gut, and GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1), a hormone that helps in blood glucose regulation.

    One study found that increasing protein intake from 15% to 30% of calories helped the participants eat 441 fewer calories per day and lose 11 pounds in 12 weeks, without intentionally restricting anything. Imagine - losing almost 5 kilos in 3 months, just by eating more protein!

    Taking a high protein breakfast also increases the stomach-emptying time, thus letting you feel fuller for a longer duration. Some examples of protein-rich foods include chicken breasts, fish, Greek yogurt, lentils, quinoa and almonds.

    Also Read: 32 Breakfast Recipes For a Protein-Packed Morning!

    3. Start eating these NEGATIVE calorie foods

    What are negative calorie foods? These are fruits and veggies that require more energy to digest and metabolize them than the calories they contain. They have high water and fibre content, as well as vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Start eating some of these:

    -Fruits like Watermelon, Grapefruit, Apple, Orange and Pineapple

    -Veggies like Tomato, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cucumber, Asparagus, Celery

    -Drinks like Coffee (in moderation), Chicken broth

    -Non-vegetarian items like Fish, Chicken, Turkey

    -Sides like Yogurt

    -Spices like Chillies

    Most of these are tasty and can easily be tossed into a salad and consumed raw. Include them in your meals and observe the difference to your waistline!

    4. Keep health foods where you can easily see them

    If you keep unhealthy foods on your counter, you are more likely to have an unplanned snack. This is also linked to increased weight and obesity. It's better to keep healthy foods, like fruits, visible.


    5. Stop eating in front of the TV or while on the phone

    And this means, not in front of the T.V. or while busy on your smartphone! By paying attention to what you are eating and how much you are eating, you will be able to control your portions and start losing weight.

    6. Start drinking water at the correct time to lose belly fat

    Drinking water, at least eight big glasses a day, not only hydrates you but also removes those unwanted toxins that can cause you to bloat up. This is specially just before your period is due. Water really helps shed those extra kilos, especially on the belly. But you need to do this at the right time. The best time to drink water is just before your meal.

    Don't drink water right after lunch or dinner. Wait for 10-15 mins and then drink water. Over-drinking is not good, however, so stick to 7-8 glasses in a day or 10-12 if the weather is hot and you tend to sweat more. It's best to avoid alcohol, tea and too much coffee as they can make you pile on more calories and cause bloating.

    7. Start sleeping right to avoid surge of hormones that cause weight gain

    It is important to follow a bedtime routine not only for your little ones but also for yourself. A lack of sleep may disrupt the appetite-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin. Another hormone, called cortisol, becomes elevated when you're stressed or are sleep deprived. Having these hormones disrupted can increase your hunger and cravings for unhealthy food, leading to higher calorie intake.

    So even though keeping on your toes and being active is important to trim the fat away from your midsection and hind sections, not having a restful, 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep can backfire on your plans to lose that flab. (6 Unexpected Reasons You're Not Losing Post-Pregnancy Weight!) Try to maintain a regular bedtime and keep all electronic distractions away from your bedroom to have a comfortable nap.

    Post pregnancy weight loss can be a big challenge. Our body is in recovery mode and doesn't spring back to its former shape all at once. But as you can see, it really is possible to shed the extra kilos without hitting the gym. All the best!

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