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    7 Garbh Sanskaar Tips That Really Helped Me During and After My Pregnancy
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    Anjana Malakar
    I am from Pune, India. Blogger at Imperfect Mom. Steel and Glass Jar Hoarder. #Organic #Natural #Homemade #DIY
    27 March 2017

    7 Garbh Sanskaar Tips That Really Helped Me During and After My Pregnancy

    4 mins read
    for Pregnancy
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    Garbha Sanskar is an ancient Indian prenatal and pregnancy parenting science. Garbha Sanskar is based on the basic theory that the mental and behavioral development of a child begins right from the moment an embryo is conceived. Skeptical? Well, I was too. But then I began to wonder.


    Why do Israeli women solve math when pregnant? How Prahlad whose father was a demon become a Vishnu worshipper? How did Abhimanyu break into the Chakarvyu, without having any prior knowledge about this aspect of warfare?

    It was all because of Garbha Sanskar.

    Science too has proven that 60% of a baby’s brain develops inside the womb. Unborn babies, from the seventh month onwards can hear and respond to their parent’s voices and music. Who is to say then, that they can't learn things that we teach them?

    When my husband and I were planning on getting pregnant, I had researched about Garbh Sanskar and convinced my husband to go for detox prior to conceiving. He has very poor eating habits. He also smokes a lot. Due to these reasons, I was extremely worried about how I was going to have a healthy baby.

    Both of us got an ayurvedic detox done, after which we genuinely felt refreshed and re-energized. We conceived pretty quickly within the first two months of trying!

    DIY Garbha Sanskar – What You Can Do At Home to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby

    Since my hubby's job is transferable, we shifted from one house to another during the 4th month of my pregnancy. Due to this I was never really able to join a Garbh Sanskar program. So I did these DIY Garbh Sanskar rituals at home. You should try them too!

    •    Do a pre-pregnancy detox for both the prospective mother and father. You can do a juice cleanse or even go for a proper Ayurvedic detox if you have time. Do not attempt any detox even if you doubt that you are pregnant, instead follow a good wholesome diet during pregnancy.

    It is best to consult the doctor before starting any new diet/exercise regime, both before and after getting pregnant. The doctor will be able to assess your overall health and give the proper recommendation.

    If you have any questions/concerns at all about pregnancy, childbirth, and post-delivery health, here's some good news! Simply tune in on April 6 to our All Day Q & A Session with Dr. Sarika Dahiphale, Gynaecologist, and get expert answers to all your questions!

    Ask your questions here.

    •    Adopt healthier eating and sleeping habits, even when you are attempting to get pregnant.

        Reduce intake of cigarettes, alcohol, soft drinks and other junk food, a few months before you attempt conception. And this is valid not only for the mother – for the father as well.

    •    Once you’re pregnant, enhance parent and child bonding. Spend time reading, talking or singing to the unborn baby together as a couple.


    •    Listen to Indian instrumental or classical music, Samaveda Mantras and Garbh Sanskar Sangeet whenever you can. Try to pray at least once in the day and chant some mantras. If you do not know any, don’t worry, just listening to bhajans and Gayatri mantra will also have positive impact. If you are not a religious person, at least try listening to good music which elevates the mood and helps you to think positive. This will ensure that your baby also gets good vibes and energy.

    •    Try to be happy and positive at all times, away from sad thoughts.
    Avoid watching horror or depressing movies as far as possible. Engage in conscious positive self-talk. When you are idle, or even when you are doing something, watch your thoughts, or the conversation you have with yourself... are you saying good things?

    •    Read good spiritual books look at beautiful works of art and try to have only positive and constructive thoughts. Go all Israeli and solve Maths, while you’re at it!

    By simply following these techniques, I had a trouble-free pregnancy! I was out of the house and traveled till the last month of my pregnancy, and I also shifted houses twice – no problems whatsoever. Barely even a heartburn! We were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy who is now approaching his second birthday!

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    Caroline Ahmed
    My name is Caroline Ahmed from New York,After 6 years of marriage with no child i finally I got pregnant Glory to God almighty my Dear sister am writing to you to share with you what the Iya Hindi Has done, I said to myself that I will testify when the Hindi does this with herbal medicine ,I emailed you for a request of your pregnancy medicine last year after seeing the testimonies of other ladies on your website online I decided t put my faith and come in agreement with you.Your pregnancy medicine and You prayed for me we agreed for me to conceive, Hallelujah!! Yes I did conceive two months after and I am now 4 months pregnant Glory to the Almighty God. I know I will have a smooth and easy delivery him.
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