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    6 Moments I Cherish Being a Twin Mom
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    Janani Viswanathan
    I am from Salem, India. Hi, I am a Stay at home Mom of Twins | Ex-Software Professional | Blogger | Bookworm. In my leisure time when my kids are napping or are engrossed in any other stuff other than clinging around mommy, I write at my personal blog Twins and Me.I am also more excited about sharing my motherhood experience at the world of moms with all those incredible mommy friends here.
    09 April 2017

    6 Moments I Cherish Being a Twin Mom

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    Motherhood is divine and brings a lot of changes in you along with some treasured and unforgettable memories. When you are a twin mom you tend to enjoy and cherish even more moments like this! Check out some intriguing moments from my life as a twin mom!


    Twins are one of the most amazing creations of God. In fact, the pregnancy cycle itself is a wonder.

    How a baby is formed in the womb, how it shows a periodic growth taking the nutrients from its mother, the divine umbilical cord which initiates the most precious bonding, how the delivery is induced and the baby peeps out to look at the world exactly after a certain period and how well the little one's body immediately accommodates to the change in the environment... Oh My God! It's truly an indelible journey for every mother.

    Nature's way is so beautiful. And when that beauty comes in twos, a mother's happiness has no bounds.

    Being a Mom is one of the most cherished chapters of any woman's life. The tiny little embryo which has just formed will bring all the happiness rushing into you. Your life will take a twist and turn after which you will never be the same YOU who was before. You will become the Mother, the Creator.

    When I was told that I was carrying twins, I was so overwhelmed and moved that I had happy tears wetting my cheeks!

    "Is it true that I am going to have two babies in one shot? Will I be carrying them both together? Are they both going to call me 'momma' at the same time?"

    I know... silly thoughts right? But seriously, I had them. I was flattered to even imagine I am going to be a twin-Mom, with both my hands full!

    My 6 Most-Cherished Moments as a Twin Mom

    From the moment that I learnt I was going to be a twin-Mom, I started my journey with the two little munchkins who have been my heart, soul and everything in between... till date and forever. So here I am sharing with you those 6 moments (there are numerous actually) which I cherish most about being a twin-Mom.

    And many of you could relate to these even if you don't have twins. In fact, these are the moments of being a mother regardless of the fact whether it is a single baby or twins or multiples.

    1. First Ultrasound Scan

    My heart popped out when I saw that two little hearts beat in my first ultrasound scan. The feel that two lives have just taken birth within you is something a woman can only feel and adore. It's truly a blessing to be a woman irrespective of all other barriers she has to face in her life.

    Motherhood gives the warmth of having lived the entire life and gives a sense of contentment and completion.

    Those minute heart beats have their impact in me forever. Only after that, I felt my name had gained its real meaning. (Janani means mother :) )

    2. When They First Cried

    Only during birth will a mother feel happy hearing her baby cry.

    It was true for me as well. I had an emergency C-section at 29 weeks. So it was a premature delivery which made me even tenser. The moment my first twin came out with a loud cry my world blossomed. The doctor said it was a boy. One minute later when my second twin was entered my life, he expressed his presence with a little squeaky noise. The doctor announced it to be a boy too. And I was like, “Two little naughty dudes are all set to carry away mommy and keep her active all through the day!"

    That moment when I heard them cry, I indeed forgot everything in this world. They were too little and weighed just 2.62 lbs and 2.91 lbs respectively. Hope you can imagine how tiny they would have been.

    I felt a sense of accomplishment after delivering them safely. So their first cry is one thing which I can never forget for life.

    3. Kangaroo Therapy

    As they were preemies, they had to spend a few days in the NICU about a month and a week. That had a very bad effect on me. It was too hard to cope up with the separation and watching them stay alone in the NICU. Thankfully they didn't have any major life threatening conditions. But still, there were challenges pertaining to their premature birth. Every day I carried on expecting a miracle... or at least a 0.2 lbs weight gain.

    One method we followed to speed up the weight gain process was Kangaroo therapy. Guess most of you would be familiar with this. It is a skin-to-skin therapy with your baby. Your baby will be undressed, kept on your chest skin-to-skin for an hour or more. Anyone in the family can give this therapy. The intense touch will help the baby to gain weight and grow healthier. This is not just a belief but has shown some remarkable results in my experience.

    So during their NICU stay, when I was depressed out of not being with them, Kangaroo therapy did a lot of magic. Every day I would be looking forward to those two hours when I could spend time with my little ones in a more intimate way.

    I could feel them, talk to them, sing for them and simply watch them laying close to my heart for the whole hour.

    These Kangaroo therapy sessions stay as my evergreen favourite memories and I couldn't describe them more than being a heavenly feeling.


    4. Initial Clumsy Mommy Days

    Once my tiny tots arrived at our sweet home, things didn't go as well as I had actually planned. During their NICU stay, I made all the possible arrangements to make sure we can manage them in a better way once they are home. But I can assure you handling two infants can go clumsy more than you would even imagine.

    One will cry, the other will be sleeping, once you pamper the crying baby, the other infant will start its loud shots. I would be always feeding, cleaning, changing nappies, feeding, cleaning, and changing nappies and again the same.

    You will think I am joking, but I used to note down their poop timings, nappy change timings, feed timings and every single thing about them. Because of the huge stress and no sleep, I couldn't trust my memory power so I preferred jotting down everything on a diary so that I don't mix up things and make a mess.

    Thankfully my twins were fraternal. What on earth would I have done if they were identical?! LOL! Still I have these diaries safe in my closet. Even now I don't believe how I handled those days when I juggled between them and took care of their needs. There was a hell lot of work but there was a contentment and pride "Oh! I am raising them well in spite of all the chaos!"

    5. The Possessive Moments

    As a mother, at times you may happen to feel lonely that there is no one to care for you. The family members may be very caring and attached. Yet you may have that empty heart popping out at many instants of motherhood. A simple medicine to heal those clogs is the love from your little heart who clings to your neck and says "I love you, Mommy!"

    What can be more astounding and appealing than those four words?

    And those happy moments happen to me as well. I would be flying in the air when they both had their first fight on who loves mommy more and who owns mommy more! Literally, this blew me away and I felt to be the happiest person in the world.

    The thought that there are two souls who are longing to do anything for you and want to prove their love towards you can keep you spellbound for life.

    6. Their Perplexing Bond

    The bond between twins is something that you will admire. It will be more like a sibling bond but a step ahead of that, as they are together right from mommy's womb and continue traveling their life side by side. They cannot think of a day or even an hour without each other.

    Of course, their day won't be spent with hugs and cuddles all the time. It will be 95% filled with fights, arguments and 5% with brotherly love. Still, trust me they cannot stay apart. They will keep a check on each other every moment. And when it involves a third person, you should see how they stand up and safeguard each other.

    I totally adore when they hate, fight and love each other the very next moment.

    These are some incredible moments of being a twin mom which I will cherish for my life. Every twin mom will certainly experience it. Being a Twin Mom is a blessing irrespective of all the double work that stuffs upon us.

    Double the trouble, double the work, yet DOUBLE the love when you are blessed with twins! Hope you had a good time finding the treasured moments of this twin mom. :-)

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