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    5 Ways I Dealt With Anxiety as a New Mom
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    I am from Houston, India. Hello All, Welcome to my profile page. I am a management graduate turned into a blogger-writer-editor and founder of I am a freelance writer and also NRI Contributor and Citizen Journalist for Times Of India. Mothers Gurukul was started 3 years ago with an intention of sharing my ideas and thoughts on various parenting topics along with many other categories like Craft, Recipes, Guest Post etc. I hope you will like my website and my writing. I am happy to join WOM platform. Looking forward to make many new friends!!
    12 January 2016

    5 Ways I Dealt With Anxiety as a New Mom

    4 mins read
    for New Born
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    Arrival of a baby is a very special moment not only for the new parents but for everyone in their close circle. A new-born comes with his/her own needs. For a new parent, it is little tough to understand their clues. Also, there is a flow of information coming from different sources. Sometimes, it gets over whelming. In such moments, how can they keep themselves calm and composed?


    The moment a couple discloses the news of their upcoming addition, advice starts coming on their way from different sources. It doubles when they actually experience the moment of holding their new born. Starting from how to hold the baby safely up to what to feed them, how to feed them…list continues.

    No doubt new parents need guidance as everything is new to them; they don’t know how to react. Sometimes if the baby cries a lot, they get anxious thinking that something is wrong with the baby or they did some mistake.

    Experienced advice comes handy in those moments. But a new parent is already going through a lot of unknown factors that if there is an overflow of advice, dos and don’ts on them, then they get scared and parenting seems like an impossible task to them. There are times when they even think is it going to be like this? Will it become easy? During that phase what they actually want is support, calm atmosphere that will keep them calm and composed.

    There are few ways which might help the new parents in dealing with their anxiety and keeping themselves cool…

    1. Find some “ME” Time:

    It might sound little odd asking you to spare sometime for your hobby when you don’t have time for yourself but believe me it works. Even though it will not be 2-3 hours at a stretch but take 30-60 minutes out of your entire day. Those 30-60 minutes should be yours. Do whatever you feel like doing. It can be anything – going for a stroll, talking to your dear friend, reading a book (with a cup of tea/coffee), listening to your favorite song, spending time on your hobby. It is very important to de-stress yourself by doing something you enjoy. You will be amazed to see the effect of this “Mini-Me” time throughout the day.

    2. Exercise:

    I enjoy walking in fresh air. After my daughter was born, my walking time used to be my “ME” time that we have discussed in above point. Exercise will keep you fit, flexible and energized.  If you want to start Meditation, then go for it. It will calm your mind and you will stay focused.

    3. Music creates magic:

    Who won’t love to listen to some soothing music? Music can have positive effects on your overall personality and quality of life as well. You will feel happy throughout your day.

    4. Writing a journal:

    We all need an outlet. Everything cannot be expressed verbally. Especially, for new parent, there are many such moments when they want to let their feeling and thoughts out. Write whenever you feel like. Enjoy it. Who knows there might be a budding writer within you!!

    5. Do not compare your child with others:

    Every child is different and unique. Cherish those special moments that you are creating with your child every day. Shower your child with all the unconditional love and praise. Today’s moments are not going to come again. Don’t worry about what others are saying. It is not wrong to seek other’s advice but don’t let your decisions get influenced by others.

    These were few points that have helped me during my new-parent phase. Whether it be our first child or second, there are always things that bothers us. We all want best for our child but for that, we need to calm ourselves first. I hope these above points will help you if you are one of those new parents…

    Happy Parenting!!

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