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    5 Classic Board Games Which Are Apt For Children
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    Debolina Coomar
    I am from Bengaluru, India. As a believer of 'Live and Let Live', I like to enjoy the tidbits of life as it comes by. As a person, who enjoys reading, writing and interacting with people, I find it exciting to write about emotions, experiences, lifestyle, current affairs, and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. An ex-HR and Corp.Comm. person, wife to a wonderful husband with a magnetic personality, mother to a lovely daughter, and a freelance content and creative writer, content developer and blogger, I strive to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective on the lines of what Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it".
    08 September 2015

    5 Classic Board Games Which Are Apt For Children

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    Board Games are always fun and exciting. But, do they teach us anything? Well, find out why these 5 classic board games are apt for children.


    Last week, my mom called me when she was cleaning my cupboard back home. She wanted to know if I wanted to keep back some of my childhood things in that, especially toys and games. I am sure my mother must have felt silly asking me this and I felt a bit silly answering, when I asked her to keep my board games and books. Well, silly or not, I just love taking out my childhood board games and arranging them again, whenever I am home.

    All of us must have had one or more board games, which we loved to play and also make sure that none of the pieces or accessories go missing. Enjoying board games with friends and family on a rainy day or a house party was always an exciting affair. It was more like an addiction when we used to count the number of wins, loses and what not.

    I was not one of those kids, who enjoyed running to the park for a play. I rather enjoyed playing indoor games. And, what better than board games. I remember the small fights with my cousins, or making up ways to get the first turn in games. And, we learnt a lot from these board games like teamwork, patience, time management and others.

    In a nostalgic tone, let me list 5 classic board games, which were FUN for us and apt for our children too:

    Snakes and Ladder, and Ludo: Perhaps, these two are the most played games by anyone across all generations. These are simple games to understand and can be played with a fun factor, yet with a touch of competition. Going up the ladders and down the snakes gave us an idea about the ups and downs of life and how important it is to reach the goal of surpassing all the hurdles in life.

    Ludo is one more game, which required a lot of patience and teamwork (if, you are playing in pairs). It also taught us how to strategize to reach our goal.

    Monopoly: I guess, there is hardly anyone, who has never played Monopoly. This is an apt game for engaging the whole family from kids to adults. It shows us how to handle money, how to save and other financial aspects. It kind of creates a platform for decisions for day to day living. I guess, this game has evolved over ages and different variations are available today, but the basic structure remains the same.

    Scrabble: Another educative game, which has helped me a lot. It was like learning words in a fun way. It is also exciting for adults because they get a chance to both teach and learn. Even today, Scrabble would be the best way to teach your child new words and also the right spellings. Scrabble has different levels, so it helps one to learn in a progressive manner. It is a great way to increase the vocabulary and use it whenever required.

    Chinese Checker: This star-shaped game was all about simple strategy and tactics. It looks simple, but it requires a lot of thinking for each move to be able to finish first. It can have from two to six players.

    Chess: This is not just a board game, rather a test of IQ. Though, I admit that I have never been good at Chess, but every time I learnt something new. This is a mastermind’s game full of strategies, forecast, good and bad moves, advantages and presence of mind.  Chess is a game, which is still a favorite among both younger kids and adults. Everytime, it is a new game, a new opponent, new moves and a completely new energy to ‘check-mate.’
    There are many more board games, which gave us numerous fun-filled, lighter and even quarreling memories, but these are few, which still hold their importance. 

    My cupboard is still stacked with my favorite board games. I don’t know whether my daughter will like this or not or she will prefer some hi-end online games. But, these will always be like a classic collection and will remind us of fun memories and trivial learnings of life. I guess, the modern digitized games are yet to mar the essence of these board games, which brings friends and families together.

    So, what board games do you have and you want to pass on to your children?

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