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    5 Signs That Indicate Something Is Not Quite Right With Your Child
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    Anshu Bhojnagarwala
    I am from Mumbai Mumbai Suburban, India. I am a mother-blogger of a very chirpy 5 year old. She likes to talk, no, no..wait she likes to question a lot. But, I am more than happy to answer them. It delights me to see her grow into a beautiful individual with each passing day. And, I am proud of it!!
    17 October 2016

    5 Signs That Indicate Something Is Not Quite Right With Your Child

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    for Baby
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    I was quite happy that my daughter was meeting all her developmental milestones. She started sitting at 6 months, crawling at 8 and walking at 11. I was so happy with her timely accomplishments that I forgot that there was something equally important to focus on. Her behavioural development. There are some telling signs that can indicate a serious problem. Consider this my warning!


    Behavioural development of your child is as important as her meeting all her physical milestones. Hence, focus on them too! For me, it wasn't until my daughter's constant desire to be with me became a nuisance that I realized that there was something not correct. I talked to her paediatrician, enrolled her in a kindergarten and hosted play dates, and that's how gradually she started observing and mingling with other people other than me.

    Yes, behavioural development of a child is as important as physical development. A child may throw a tantrum, be disobedient, or display an outburst of aggression or destructive behaviour. If that's occasional, there's often nothing to worry about. But, if this kind of behaviour is a regular norm, it's time parents took it more seriously and took positive steps to control it.

    These are 5 tell tale signs that parents should look out for in the behaviour of their kids.

    Screaming and rolling on the floor

    We were at a birthday party; all kids were having fun. Suddenly a 2-year old boy who was accompanying his big brother to the party started rolling on the floor crying. Before somebody could react, his mother who had gone to the washroom ran towards him and took him in her arms. He then demanded her mother's milk. The mother was confused and shouted "No!" That's when he started screaming and even tried to open her shirt buttons. The poor mother left the party embarrassed.


    Running wild

    Letting your child touch her wild or inhibited side is good, but there's a limit to it. A few years ago, my husband and his school friends had organized a family get together. We had taken our kids along. Now, one friend's 6 year old daughter was constantly jumping around and running on the sofa. She made one lady spill her soup and nearly dashed into a server carrying our drinks, but that didn't affect her. Her parents once made a feeble attempt to stop her, but largely left her undisciplined, while she continued jumping and pushing the diners.

    Scared at the littlest mess

    My daughter once spilled a glass of water. Before I could react to it, she started crying. On another instance, she was playing with a toy when it fell down and broke. She looked at me with such frightened eyes, that it shocked me. It made me realize that my daughter was scared of me. And it was probably because I overdisciplined her even for the smallest mistakes. If she spilled water, dropped food or an object, I scolded her, and this had made her wary of me.

    Stealing things

    I have a habit of putting two sharpened pencils in my daughter's pencil box every Sunday evening, which lasts her the whole week. In their school, they are not allowed to carry a sharpener till 1st standard. The next day, my daughter came to me saying that her one pencil was missing. I didn't bother much, and gave her another one. The next day again, she lost one pencil. I again replaced. This continued for a few days when apart from pencils, she lost an eraser too. On inquiry I came to know that several children in the class were losing their stationery as well. A few days later, all those stationery objects were found in the bag of a child who had been stealing these from others without realizing what he was doing.

    Hitting and biting

    My daughter once told me that she didn't like this boy in the class because he hit her. I didn't make a big fuss out of it and just told her to tell the teacher in case he did that again. A few days later she came home with a nasty mark on her cheek. She told me that that boy hit her and one another girl that day again and again till the teacher intervened and separated the boy.

    A child's irrational behaviour is more often than not her fault, but the fault of the parents. Hence, the onus is also on the parents to detect these signs and take the necessary steps.

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