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    4 Things Which Helped Me Bond With My Baby
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    Udita Saklani
    I am from New Delhi, India. Hello I am Udita Saklani . I am a full time working professional at an I.T. Firm .I am a single mom to a little baby girl named Varanya a.k.a Zuzu.Currently I am based out of Delhi .I love reading, collecting stationery(yes I still love the smell of new books,collecting new pens ,pencils and crayons) , and clicking pictures. An engineer by profession a writer by passion. I have my own blog at So tag along and hope you like it.
    06 January 2017

    4 Things Which Helped Me Bond With My Baby

    4 mins read
    for Moms, New Born
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    Remember the moment your little one was first put onto your chest? You two connected instantly, isn't it? Apart from skin-to skin contact with your baby, there are many other ways to bond with your little one. See what helped this mom bond best with her baby girl.


    My little bundle of joy just turned two. I still get overwhelmed when I think about the time the doctor held her to my chest for the first time in the labor room. I still get goosebumps when I think about the beautiful moment when I delivered my baby girl. No feeling in this world can describe the moment when a woman gives birth. It is a mixed feeling which brings about elation and tears of joy to the mom's eyes.

    As soon as the baby is born, it is immediately kept to the mother's chest for some much needed bonding time through skin-to-skin contact. I read that when the baby is kept to the mother's chest, he stops crying as he feels safe because he hears the mother's heartbeat. After all, it is the mother's heartbeat only which he recognizes right from the day he was conceived to the day of birth.

    Therefore, skin to skin contact is extremely important. It keeps the baby warmer and regulates breathing and enhances bonding. Some other ways that helped me bond with my baby are listed below: 

    1. Massaging my baby: Yes, I agree that a professional is preferred in this case, as they know proper points to focus on while massaging, but I never hired one because I wanted to spend time with my baby. During massage time, I use baby oil to massage her that gives her a warm and comfortable feeling and the skin-to skin contact helps us bond too! My baby enjoys herself a lot during massages and we have a good time together that was filled with giggles and laughter.

    2. Bath Time: I have been bathing my baby ever since she was a month old. I got a good demo from my mother. She initially bathed my daughter but couldn't continue as she had to resume work. Bath time was also a good interaction time with my kid. Just like every other kid, she too was fascinated by water and loved playing wit her bath toys.

    3. Cooking for my little one: Strange as it may seem, cooking for my little one once she turned six months and started on solids, was my way of bonding with her. Of course, she was not present physically with me, but the thought of just making the simple Dal ka Paani for the little one, pleased my soul and I felt that it was the foundation of our bond and relationship when she tasted food made by me. Even though my house help insisted on cooking for her, I simply refused since I enjoyed the process so much.

    4. Doing the laundry: Again like cooking, my little one was not present physically while I washed her clothes, but I felt a deep association and attachment while washing her clothes, even if it meant washing her soiled cloth diapers. I continued doing this even after I had resume work. I used to wash all her soiled nappies after I was back from work. Again, I simply refused to use the services of my house help. 

    Bonding begins between a mother and her baby right after she conceives. It is that sense of belonging and attachment which the child and mother feel for each other. The mother even forgets the pain which she went through as soon as her baby is brought in front of her. When I say my little one for the first time in the labor room, it was a magical moment for me. That moment strengthened our bond and the above mentioned things that I do continue to do so. I am sure if they helped me, they can help other mothers as well.

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