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    15 Safe Home Remedies I Tried for Common Pregnancy Problems - These Worked for Me!
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    Pranita Sohony
    Guest Contributor, 
    I am from Hyderabad , India. I'm a Mom to a rambunctious toddler, a 'Mumma' blogger and a passionate writer by heart. Spirituality is my life's anchor and my prime interest resides in penning down my motherhood as beautifully as I can! On a typical day, you would find me busy being a full-time Mom and a part-time human!
    home remedies for pregnant women
    23 March 2015

    15 Safe Home Remedies I Tried for Common Pregnancy Problems - These Worked for Me!

    3 mins read
    Prenatal Health
    for Pregnancy
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    'P' for Pregnancy, 'P' for Pain, 'P' for Panic and 'P' for Phbbbbbt! Being pregnant means you are likely to be suffering from nausea. Swollen feet are not letting you sleep. Constipation is making you uncomfortable. It's so depressing to visit the doc every now and then and have pills go pop! pop! pop! This is why most of us are on the lookout for home remedies as we wish to play safe for our baby. Nothing we do should harm our baby in any way...


    It's really difficult to bear all the uninvited pain and problems that pregnancy brings along. All you want to do is limit your trips to the doctor and avoid popping pills after pills into your mouth - but WHAT can you do to cure the health problems you are facing? After all, harsh medications can affect your baby's growth. So can letting these problems go untreated.

    I am sharing 15 all-time tried and tested home remedies for various problems that a pregnant lady has to face during those 9 months. I hope it helps you - do share it with your pregnant friends and do them a good turn!

    1. Boil a dried fig (anjeer) in 1 cup of milk and drink it up at night before sleeping. It is sure to relieve constipation by morning.
    2. If you are suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) drink cranberry juice and it is sure to relieve you of all the discomfort.
    3. Eat every two hours to relieve yourself of nausea. This will maintain your blood glucose levels and leave you more energized also. It will also help you skip your vomiting sessions.
    4. Eating watermelon can help you relieve swelling. It is a diuretic fruit and will make you pass a lot of urine relieving you of all the swelling.
    5. Suck on ice cubes or sip iced water to relieve yourself of morning sickness.
    6. Cut a lemon into slices and smell those to relieve morning sickness and nausea through out the day.
    7. Apply cold pack to your feet or swollen areas to relieve swelling.

         8. Get a shoulder and neck massage to feel relieved from a headache.
         9. Cut down on your salt intake to avoid having swollen feet.
         10. Sleep using two or three propped up pillows. This will offload the weight of the baby and cure your back ache a bit allowing you to sleep, thus curing your insomnia.
         11. If you have high B.P., cut down on coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and salt.
         12. Mix honey and a few drops of lemon in warm water and drink a glassful. This will not only aid in digestion and relieve you of heartburn but also give you energy and help you do away with traces of cold if you have any.

         13. Having yoghurt or cold milk at least once a day will considerably bring down heartburn.

         14. Drinking the water of one tender coconut daily will help you normalize your B.P., if you are running low on it.

         15. Eating one medium bowl full of pomegranate can help raise your haemoglobin levels quickly as heam levels matter a lot at the time of delivery or C-sec.

    These were the home remedies I went in for during my pregnancy. Which ones are you trying? Or which ones worked best for you during your pregnancy?

    Don't forget to share here!

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