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    12 Things You Will Relate To If You're Trying To Get Pregnant
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    Shrruti Raghav
    I am from Noida Gautam Buddh Nagar, India. As a student of human development and child psychology, I started my writing career with a magazine called 'Young'. Today, I'm married for a year and a half and this beautiful journey with my love now calls for the addition of a third one and this has brought my interest to World of Moms. I am a writer, blogger and editor from the past 8 years and parenting and pregnancy are 'now' one of my favorite genres to write on! So here I am!!
    trying to get pregnant
    19 May 2016

    12 Things You Will Relate To If You're Trying To Get Pregnant

    3 mins read
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    There is nothing more overwhelming than the thought of getting pregnant. However, during this time of trying to conceive, there are some funny things you might face. Here it goes!


    Will I be able to conceive successfully? Am I healthy enough to conceive a healthy baby? Will I be facing any critical issues before getting pregnant? Will I be able to smoothly pass the 9 months? These are some questions that haunt all women who are entering this period of life.

    However, I am here to state some of the most common things that you will relate to when you are trying to get pregnant!

    1. There are ‘Overloaded’ Pregnancy Kits at Home…
    ….and it is never enough! The urge to see the success of pregnancy never fades! You keep on looking for more reasons to check the UPT.

    2.  The devilish cycles
    Really, who would have thought that the menstruation cycle is something that you would not want! It finally becomes the devil in your life!

    3. You readily agree to give up on things you like
    From alcohol to coffee and from smoking to partying, you are ready to sacrifice everything for the success of your pregnancy!

    4.  Getting Cozy is now a Routine
    Not for passion, not for love, your entire goal for making love is to successfully conceive and achieve your ultimate goal! Sad but true!

    5.  ‘Scheduling’ is your new hobby
    From making schedules for the menstruation cycle to making love, and from eating meals to sleeping, everything works according to your schedule.

    6.  You start reading everything related to ‘pregnancy’
    From pregnancy books littered on the floor to all the possible online websites for pregnancy and parenting - this is something that you do in your past time now. Isn’t it?

    7.  You become a Saving Maniac
    All you want to do is save, save and save. The idea of going extravagant in expenses is something you can’t handle anymore.

    8.  The New ‘O’ you wait for!

    ‘0’ is no longer for orgasm; it is more for ovulation now!

    9.  Gone are the days of ‘Injection Phobia’
    You are so cool now to give blood samples. The fear of the injection is a thing of the past now!

    10.   The ‘discussions’ are all about babies
    From daily dinner time discussions to those dates with your husband, everything involves future plans and baby talk now. Get used to it!

    11.  You think before eating
    It is no longer about eating whatever you wish. Time to get healthy! All you plan in your meals is good food that helps you bring successful pregnancy.

    12. You could smash someone for their advice
    Once people know you are trying to get pregnant, all the weirdest advice comes into play. You could smash their face for this!

    Trust me, this is going to be the most challenging phase of your life. Along with the feelings of love and warmth for the ‘yet-to-be-born’ child, there will be an overwhelming effect all throughout. All the best!

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