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    18 February 2016

    10 Things only Stay at Home Moms can Understand

    Fabida Abdulla
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    I am from Kannur, India. I am an erstwhile Software Engineer and current Freelance Writer cum Stay at Home Mom to my boisterous little tiger cub. In between all the writing, baking, nagging, reading and cuddling, I manage to blog a bit about my crazy life at Shocks and Shoes.
    Moms everywhere are always on the move, constantly juggling several things at once. Many people think that stay at home Moms have it easy; after all, how difficult is simply ‘staying’ at home? We know life’s not like that, so here is a list of 10 things only stay at home Moms can understand.


     “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”
    - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

    1. You are tired of the question ‘What do you do?’
    Yes, but it’s not because you’re actually tired of what you do (most of the time); it’s because you dread the ensuing comments on being ‘just a Mom’; as if that’s the easiest job in the world!
    1. You crave peace and quiet more than anything, but that is also what scares you the most
    When you’re a stay at home Mom, you are subject to noises of varying degrees all day, so when things go unusually silent for a while, you can’t help but wonder if everyone (and everything) is all right.
    1. You’re always wondering what ‘else’ needs to be done
    In general, Moms rarely rest, but since stay at home Moms don’t really have well-defined ‘work’ and ‘break’ intervals, any moment where you have nothing to do makes you feel like you’re forgetting something.
    1. A grocery trip without the kids counts as ‘me-time’
    Only a stay at home Mom can appreciate the true joys of grocery shopping in peace! You’re finally out of the house, no one’s hounding you for attention and you’re shopping – bliss! Of course once you add kids to the equation, bliss time turns into a nightmare!
    1. Your opinions of working mothers oscillate between envy and pity
    There are days when we envy our working sisters, especially when we see them walking out their door every morning, all spiff and polished. Then there are days when we feel sorry for them, missing out on all the precious moments with their little ones that’ll never come back.
    1. You sometimes forget the last time you brushed your hair
    When you’re a stay at home Mom, there’s just one dress code – be clothed. And if you’re breastfeeding, being fully clothed might even be optional! Gone are the days when you had separate day and night creams – now, you’re lucky if you can locate your comb!
    1. You find yourself humming the tunes of your child’s favourite TV show
    When you’re a stay at home Mom, you’re subject to the tortures of Oggy, Sponge pants or whoever is your child’s current hero – ALL DAY. It’s inevitable then that you find yourself humming an asinine cartoon song while doing the dishes, picking up the toys or even in the shower!
    1. You have 2,456 things planned to do during your child’s 45 minute nap
    Afternoon naps are loved by stay at home Moms everywhere – when it’s the kids doing the napping, of course. That’s the one window of opportunity you have to catch up on email, finish vacuuming, workout, bake a cake, meal plan, wash your hair, make dinner – you get the drift!
    1. You often wonder if you actually got the 24 hours you were promised today
    “How did it get late so soon?” asked Dr. Seuss, and in doing so, he echoed the exact sentiment of stay at home Moms across the world. You wake at the crack of dawn and rush through a whirlwind of tasks. Before you know it, it’s time for bed and you’re wondering if the day indeed had 24 hours!
    1.  Deep down, you know there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing
    Staying at home means that you get to actually see your kids grow. You are keeping them safe, healthy and happy – and that’s something to be incredibly proud of. A lot of the work done by stay at home Moms goes unappreciated, but when your grubby toddler kisses you on the cheek and says, ‘I love you Mom’, you know that, that right there, is your reward.


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