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    10 Guaranteed Tricks That Make My Baby Smile, No Matter How Much She Has Been Crying!
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    Anshu Bhojnagarwala
    I am from Mumbai, India.
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    19 April 2017

    10 Guaranteed Tricks That Make My Baby Smile, No Matter How Much She Has Been Crying!

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    Little babies have an attention span of a housefly, and get bored and cranky fast. If we moms don't have enough tricks up our sleeve, we must be prepared for a cranky and crying baby!


    I am sharing 10 guaranteed tricks that make my baby smile, no matter how much she has been crying. They have been tried and tested by me on my baby. And trust me, they work; they really do!

    1. Blowing Air On Their Tummy

    This one is a true wonder. I think it is the noise and the cool air on her tummy that makes your baby stop her crying midway and smile at you!

    This is how I do it:

    -Pull up the T-shirt of your baby

    -Fill some air in your mouth

    -Now, rub your mouth on her tummy gently, and slowly let go of the air making a noise

    A word of advice though - do not try this in public; the sound is not very appealing, and you might have people giving you weird glances. ;)

    2. Making Faces

    It works like a charm, every time! It works even with older kids. As a mom, I have learnt that making faces, sticking out your tongue, rolling your eyes and some other silly facial expressions will surely make your baby smile. They probably enjoy seeing their mommy look so comical, and may even try to imitate you!

    3. Making Your Baby Stretch

    Make your baby lie down on her back. Now hold her legs by the ankle and make her stretch. You can try any posture - legs wide apart, legs up her chest, or cycling motion.

    This will help her release some gas and make her smile too, as she feels a sense of comfort.

    4. Playing Peekaboo

    This is another guaranteed trick I have tried to get that million dollar gummy smile - play peekaboo! Lean in close to her, kiss her nose or cheek, and then go back.

    With an older baby, you can take a pillow or a cushion or her favourite blanket, and play peekaboo using the prop. Or do it the old-fashioned way using your hands. It works each time!


    5. Massaging Your Baby

    Who doesn't love a massage! Even babies do! If you want to use oil, it's up to you. It's also totally fine to dry massage too! Gently massage your baby's feet, her toes and legs in circular motion.

    Till date, my 5-year old loves feet massage, and falls instantly asleep with a satisfied smile on her face. Give her a back rub too, while you're at it.

    6. Blowing Raspberries

    Just like blowing air on the tummy, this is another trick that always succeeds in making my little one smile. Gently blow raspberries on your baby's palms, feet and belly, and see her smile. If you are lucky, she might even make a satisfied sound to show how delighted she is. Ah, bliss!

    7. Blowing Bubbles

    Once, my daughter was gifted a tube of bubbles, and though she was very small to use it herself, I realized its potential and started carrying with me in the diaper bag. It worked amazingly!

    Make bubbles whenever your baby is crying; she will stop immediately and sit transfixed. An older baby might even try to catch the drifting bubbles and smile and grin when she is able to pop it.

    8. Giving Her a Favourite Blankie

    Every baby has a favourite toy, blanket or thing that is their ultimate comfort item. Hand her that whenever she is crying; she will stop crying and might even smile at you for being so thoughtful!

    9. Tickling!

    Tickle your baby on the soles of her feet, under her neck or on the palms. Even if she is not ticklish, she will enjoy the sensation of your touch on her skin and give an involuntary grin.

    10. Giving Her a Ride On Your Legs

    My daughter loved this! I would lie down on my back, and bring my knee close to my chest. Then, I would put my baby on my legs and do to and fro. She would laugh in delight.

    Caution: However, do not try this immediately after feeding your baby.

    So the next time your baby is crying, try one of these tricks, and see her smiling instantly! Do let me know if you have any more tricks to make babies stop crying and start smiling - let's share!

    Picture Via Shutterstock

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