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    Your Teen’s Dating? Don’t Freak Out!
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    15 January 2015

    Your Teen’s Dating? Don’t Freak Out!

    3 mins read
    Socio-Emotional Development
    for Teen
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    As children enter the teenage years, they undergo a lot of emotional, behavioural and physical changes. This is the time when they are exposed to the different relationships other than the kith and kin types. The thought of teenagers getting into the trend of dating becomes a reason of concern and worry for parents. Since the relationship is a sensitive topic, you will need to handle your teen's romantic life in a sensitive manner. Let us understand how you can do that.


    Dating is a sign of teens growing up and entering adulthood. It is a sign of developmental growth as it increases the self-confidence in a teenager to handle people and relationships. However, a teenager might adopt a wrong way to handle personal relationships. Hence, it is very important for parents to let go of their teens into the trend of dating but under proper guidance.

    Tips to Handle Teen Dating

    • You will first need to talk to your teen and explain him the real meaning of a romantic relationship. Media can give a very wrong impression about dating. It is important for your teen to understand the realistic aspects of a romantic relationship and not believe in what is shown in movies or written in books.
    • It is very important for your teen to learn ways of handling a relationship. Your teen should know the limit of getting involved in a relationship. You would not want to see your teenager getting into depression just because a relationship didn't work out.
    • When your teen actually starts dating, don't let go of talking about relationships. In fact, that is the time for you to get more involved. The more insight you have on your teen's relationship, the better you will be able to guide him/her. However, remember that over-involvement can be a hindrance in relationship with your teen.
    • You will need to be a good role model when it comes to relationships. Your way of handling relationships can influence your teen greatly.
    • You will need to build that trust in your teen about making a good choice about the partner he/she chooses to date.
    • If you have concerns about the partner your teen chooses to date, you will need to take the step of interacting more with your teen's partner. If you think your teen is making the wrong choice, you will need to talk smartly about it.
    • Getting involved in a romantic relationship somewhat gives a hint of physical involvement. Hence, it is important for you to talk about showing affection physically and the implications of having sex.
    • Your teen should be sure of the decision that he/she has taken. If you find your teen to be unsure about the partner that he/she has chosen, it is important for you to talk to him/her and clear the doubts.
    • You will need to explain your teen about the importance of feelings. Ensure your teen does not get involved in double dating.
    • You will need to accept dating as an important phase in your teen's life. Because, if you don't show acceptance from your end, your teen will end up hiding things from you.
    Since, the idea of getting involved with someone romantically really interests teenagers, they tend to experiment with their dating style. Don't be surprised if you find your teen dating someone for a short period and then again start dating someone else later. Instead, instill positive values about relationships in your teenager. Set proper guidelines about dating so that your teenager is confident about dating.

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