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    You & Your Baby in Pregnancy Week 4
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    4 weeks pregnant
    06 October 2014

    You & Your Baby in Pregnancy Week 4

    3 mins read
    First Trimester
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    It is time to use a home pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. Also, it is important to see a doctor at this time, especially when you have missed your period.


    The 4th week of pregnancy is filled with anticipation, as you are most likely to find out that you are pregnant. This is the time when your baby is smaller than a tiny seed. He is in the form of a blastocyst right now that will split to form the placenta and embryo. Other specialized parts of his body also begin to develop.

    Baby’s Development in Pregnancy Week 4

    • By the 4th week of pregnancy, your baby will have started growing at a rapid speed. This indicates the initiation of the embryonic period that lasts up to the 10th week of pregnancy.
    • From this week, some organs of the baby start developing and others start to function. In spite of so many developments that are taking place inside you, your baby could merely be a size of a poppy seed made of two layers, the epiblast and the hypoblast.
    • The amniotic sac is formed fully by this week to accommodate the baby. Your uterus and cervix are also stretching to make room for the growing baby inside.

    Mother’s Development in Pregnancy Week 4

    • Week 4 of pregnancy is the ideal time for you to go for a home pregnancy test. By this week, you also have your periods pending. A missed period makes for a prominent sign of pregnancy.
    • You might experience bloating caused by elevated levels of Progesterone.
    • Nausea and vomiting may start around this time. Some women are lucky not to suffer from these.   
    • Breast tenderness and darkening of areolas might become exaggerated.
    • Frequent urination and fatigue are other companions you might have this week on.

    Tips for Pregnancy Week 4

    • Pregnancy week 4 brings a lot of queries for would-be-moms. You must be eager to know how early you may go for the pregnancy tests. You should wait for a week or so to have a positive pregnancy report.
    • By this time, the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone in the blood increases significantly that helps to detect a positive pregnancy by a home test kit. Remember that not all home pregnancy test kits come up with accurate results. If you get a negative result first time, you should wait for a few days more and re-check. On the other hand, you must call your doctor when you get a positive pregnancy test.
    • Quit alcohol consumption and smoking. Even passive smoking can increase your chances of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. So it is better not to be around the people who smoke.
    • After your pregnancy is confirmed, it is vital to start taking care of your teeth to avoid tooth decay, bleeding and sore gums.

    • Start taking prenatal vitamins, if you haven’t already. At this stage, your baby’s neural tube is forming, and closes by 6 weeks. You need to have sufficient levels of folic acid in your body for a healthy development of the neural tube and nervous system.
    So, a 4 weeks pregnant woman may start to notice some changes and symptoms of pregnancy. This is the time to make some changes in your lifestyle and diet.

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