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    You & Your Baby in Pregnancy Week 39
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    Parenting Third Trimester
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    39 weeks pregnant
    06 October 2014

    You & Your Baby in Pregnancy Week 39

    3 mins read
    Third Trimester
    for Pregnancy
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    At pregnancy week 39, you may get into labour any time now. If you do not develop labour naturally, your doctor might induce labour. Your cervix will also start to prepare itself for the birthing process.


    Finally, with the onset of week 39 arrives the much awaited moment where you may deliver your little one any time soon. Even though the baby is fully developed now, he continues to put on layers of fat to monitor his body temperature. As for you, this week is quite uncomfortable even as you carry a heavy uterus and your pelvic area is quite achy. Furthermore, the Braxton Hicks contractions also rise by the day, both in their frequency and strength.

    Baby’s Development during Pregnancy Week 39

    Your baby is now the size of a small watermelon. From a little peanut, your little one has now grown to the size of a watermelon. Your baby’s weight is over seven pounds, and his length is around twenty inches. He continues to put on more fat as he prepares his body for the outer world. Fat layers are important for the regulation of your baby’s body temperature.
    This week your baby also starts shedding the outer layer of his skin and starts growing a new one. His skin is no longer translucent and watery. It is now firm and soft.

    Mother’s Development during Pregnancy Week 39

    • Labour is quite an unpredictable phenomena. While everyone knows what the symptoms are and what exactly happens during labour contractions, no doctor can predict when exactly will you go into labour. Doctors always set a due date, but it is your baby’s decision to call it his day and come out of mommy’s womb.   
    • Your weekly doctor visits will now become imperative. Your doctor will start with vaginal scans along with regular check-ups to ascertain whether the baby is preparing itself for the birth. Your vagina will start softening and dilating.

    Tips to Prepare for Labour

    • Some expecting mothers tend to think that once you have your baby in your arms, all the problems related to your body will get over. It is not true. Once the baby is out, you need to continue to take good care of yourself and your baby. Your body will undergo many changes in the coming days. Do not get engrossed in the new arrival as to start neglecting your health. It may not be a good idea.   
    • The first most noticeable change that occurs is weight loss. Your body loses at least twelve pounds right after pregnancy. It will take a little more time to return to your original shape.   
    • Next comes the lochia discharge. It is similar to your menstrual discharge due to the shedding of the inner linings of your uterus. The discharge often gets combined with blood, giving it a red colour. It lasts for a few days after the birth. Your body’s hormonal balance takes a while to get restored. Some women feel some mood swings owing to the hormonal imbalances also known as ‘baby blues.'
    With so much happening in your life, and all the excitement about your baby’s arrival, it can make you lose your cool and stress your body. Make sure to relax during your pregnancy week 39, and just focus on your health and the memorable event which can occur any moment starting this week.

    What to Expect Next: Pregnancy Week 40

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