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    You & Your Baby in Pregnancy Week 33
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    Parenting Third Trimester
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     33 weeks pregnant
    06 October 2014

    You & Your Baby in Pregnancy Week 33

    3 mins read
    Third Trimester
    for Pregnancy
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    During this week, you suffer from ligament pain and breathing issues that become the reason for irritation and mood swings. Your baby now has fully developed skin and his bones start to harden this week, weighing just a little less than an average baby.


    As you enter the 33rd week of pregnancy, the developing fetus undergoes a lot of developmental changes. Your body also prepares itself to accommodate the growing fetus during this week.

    Baby’s Fetal Development during Pregnancy Week 33

    By week 33 of pregnancy, your baby weighs a little more than 4 pounds and is approximately 17 inches in length.
    • His wrinkled and alien-like appearance starts to disappear as fats begin to deposit under his skin. The baby also starts developing a hard skeleton.
    • The baby’s skull bones remain unfused for easy movement, and slightly overlap to make it easier for him to pass through the birth canal. The bones do not completely mesh till your baby reaches early adulthood.
    • He will start to differentiate between day and night, as he will close his eyes during his sleep and open them while he is awake.
    • The antibodies will pass from you to your growing baby as he continues to develop his immune system.

    Mother’s Development during Pregnancy Week 33

    • By week 33, your body gets bloated. Your palms and wrists are quite prone to water retention. With all the extra fluid in your body, the retention of water in the carpal tunnel, which is located in your wrist, can cause pain and numbness in your hands and fingers. If you feel sudden swelling in your hands and feet, call your doctor as it may be a case of pre-eclampsia.
    • You might feel irritated because of the heavy weight in your womb. Anxiety about the upcoming birth of your baby is another problem which can trouble you.
    • All these pregnancy symptoms can make you suffer from insomnia. At this point, your body needs ample rest, so try to stay relaxed and comfortable at all times. You can go for a warm bath or have a warm cup of milk before hitting the bed.

    Pregnancy week 33 Symptoms and Tips

    • Increased foetal movement:

      You will feel strong baby movements during the 33rd week of pregnancy. The baby might wiggle, roll, and kick at least 10 times a day. His activity will increase after you consume some snack or meal. If you suffer from insomnia due to your little one playing football in your tummy, avoid exercising, eating or drinking for an hour before going to sleep. Try to read a book or put on some soothing music to help you relax and fall asleep.
    • Nail growth:

      Your nail will start to grow faster and might become brittle because of the pregnancy hormones. You can avoid the brittleness by consuming biotin in the form of bananas, avocados, nuts and whole grains.
    • Belly button:

      By week 33, your belly button will pop out because of the growing baby inside your womb. Do not worry, as it will pop back in a few months after you deliver your baby.
    • Breathing problem:

      The fast growing foetus puts a lot of pressure on your lungs, which can make it difficult for them to expand completely. You may feel short of breath at times. The best way to deal with this is to stand straight so that your lungs can make more space for air.
    Increased foetal movement combined with certain bodily symptoms and discomforts will mark your pregnancy week 33. Be patient for you are getting closer to a successful full-term of pregnancy. Stay relaxed and do not forget timely visits to your health care provider. These routine check-ups will ensure your and your baby’s well-being.

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