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    You & Your Baby in Pregnancy Week 27
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    Parenting Third Trimester
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    27 weeks pregnant
    16 October 2014

    You & Your Baby in Pregnancy Week 27

    4 mins read
    Third Trimester
    for Pregnancy
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    During pregnancy week 27, your baby moves his hands more often, and also sucks on his fingers. His posture remains mainly curled up as he likes to keep his hands and legs close to his chest. As an expecting mother, you will experience various symptoms like dizziness, bleeding gums and leg cramps.


    As you enter the 27th week of your pregnancy, your baby will show heightened development as his brain will become more active. Since this week marks almost the end of the second trimester, and the beginning of your last phase of pregnancy, you will notice some new symptoms. With a little care, you can easily get over some of these discomforting problems.

    Baby’s Development during Pregnancy Week 27

    Your baby this week is about fourteen and a half inches long and weighs around two or more than two pounds. He will open his eyes more often and also react to light or sounds by blinking his eyes. The baby at this stage will get familiar to your and your partner’s voice as well as the people around. He will respond to these voices by kicking or turning inside the womb.
    Your baby’s sex organs develop further in this week. If it is a baby girl, the ovaries will develop follicles and in case of a boy, the testicles will develop which will eventually descend to the scrotum. The taste buds at this stage are also quite developed. Intake of spicy food might cause hiccups to the baby, and he might react to changes in foods. This reaction is caused due to changes in the amniotic fluid. Too much of changes in the food pattern can turn out to be disturbing for the child. Try to maintain a regular balanced diet with proper nutrients and fibre intake.

    Mother’s Development during Pregnancy Week 27

    You might have more leg and back cramps than before. This happens due to an increment in the weight of your baby. The uterus by now is cramped due to the presence of the baby, and this is what may cause you the abdominal cramps. Pressure is also exerted on the veins joining the heart and the legs, which is another reason for the pain. You are required to consume proper and sufficient amount of fluids. It will keep the body hydrated, and also help you to stay away from constipation, which is a common complaint by women during pregnancy. Light exercises and a bit of walking can also solve this trouble.
    In this week, you may also notice a lot of swelling in your fingers, ankles and hands. This symptom is termed as Edema. It is quite normal. In case you notice any drastic changes, you should consult a doctor immediately.

    Pregnancy week 27: Symptoms and Tips
    • Bleeding Gums:

      During the second trimester, expecting mothers often face the problem of swollen or bleeding gums. This can be averted by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth daily in the morning and evening to avoid gum problems.
    • Dizziness:

      Dizziness is another common symptom which can make you feel light-headed because of the sluggish blood flow in your body. The best way to deal with dizziness is to lie down or prop up your legs in the air while sitting on a chair, to let the blood flow to your brain.
    • Round ligament pain:

      The growing foetus in your womb exerts pressure on your body as you carry more weight around. To avoid such pains, take proper rest and lie down whenever you feel discomfort.
    • Itching:

      As your belly grows in size, it will start to itch. This is because your skin will stretch and dry out causing an itch. Apply creams and moisturizers to control the itching.
    • Swollen nose:

      Some pregnant women face a stuffy nose problem due to the swelling of the nasal passage. This goes away once you deliver, but till then you can use nasal strips for relief.
    The guidelines here should help you in understanding the growth of your baby during the 27th week of your pregnancy. It will help you in preparing yourself and your partner by understanding the different signs and symptoms to expect during this week.

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