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    You Need to Know These 6 Weird Facts About Bras to Choose the Right One (Bet You Didn't Know)!
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    bra facts
    26 April 2017

    You Need to Know These 6 Weird Facts About Bras to Choose the Right One (Bet You Didn't Know)!

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    Everyday bras, sexy lingerie, sports bras…all of us keep a good number of bras in our wardrobe. Wearing bras is an essential part of being a woman as they help support the weight of our breasts. Not wearing bras or wearing poor-fitting bras can actually give you aches and pains! While we deal with this item of essential clothing for several years of our life, there still are some important facts many of us don’t know about. These facts about bra and wearing bras can actually affect your overall health and body!


    6 Important 'Bra' Facts Every Woman Needs to Know!

    We have put together for you some essential bra facts that every woman, in every stage of life, must know.
    1. You May Be Wearing The Wrong Size

      Yikes! How can that be? Well, turns out that these days, many women are actually wearing the wrong bra size either because they measured their size incorrectly, or the bra shrunk after being washed. Wearing the wrong size isn’t only uncomfortable but can also give you backaches! It is best to get fitted by a professional and get lingerie according to the right size.

      If you don’t want to do that, here are five simple ways to measure your bra size at home correctly. Problem solved!
    2. That’s Not All – Your Size May CHANGE With Time!

      So, if you thought that measuring it once and sticking to the same size for the next few years is safe – it isn’t. As per experts, your bra size can change over time and even during your period! That feeling of bloating you get when you are about to get your period could even change an entire cup size! It is best to re-measure every couple of months (or years, at least) to ensure you are wearing the right bra size.
      Did you know? Some experts say that your breast size can change up to six times in a lifetime! ||
    3. Your Breasts May Not Be Exactly Alike

      Now this may come across as really strange, but it explains that odd feeling you must have got at times, when you thought your breasts looked a bit lopsided. Well, it is a totally real thing and happens with many of us, so there is nothing to worry about. It is actually a biological reality for many women to have mismatched breasts. As a thumb-rule, the left breast is usually bigger than the right.
      Changes in breast size
    4. Even The Fittest Women Struggle With That ‘Back Fat’

      Has there been an occasion when you wore a bra, checked the mirror to see how it looked, and were aghast at how your back fat seemed to be spilling out of the straps? Well, it has happened to many of us, and guess what – this is totally normal! As per experts, even really fit women tend to face this problem. After all, this is an elastic going around your body!
      The best course of action is to purchase well-fitting bras that sit comfortably on the first hook (i.e. the loosest one). If you need to use the tightest hook straight away, you’ll be in a fix when the bra starts stretching out.
    5. No, Your Bra-Size Changes During Pregnancy & Nursing Are NOT Permanent

      If you are pregnant or have given birth, you must have experienced changes in your breasts during these times. Our breasts tend to grow in size when we are expecting and when we nurse the baby. This means your bra size may also change at this time. Later, when you are no longer breastfeeding, your breasts may return to the normal size.
      Please note that your bra size after motherhood may not be the same as it was before pregnancy. Many women are advised to change/upgrade their bra sizes during maternity and after they become mothers.
    6. Wearing a Bra To Bed May Not Be a Good Idea

      “Wear your bra at night – it will make your breasts perkier!” How many of us have heard this advice, accompanied by an I-know-it-all grin from err, more experienced women? Well, the scientific advice about this interesting linkage is scanty to non-existent! When you wear a bra while horizontal, it is unlikely to have any anti-sagging effects as your breasts are unaffected by gravity at this time.
      Not just that, experts say that wearing a tight-fitting bra to bed can even restrict your blood supply and impact vital body functions!

    So ladies, how many of these bra facts did you know before? Well, now you do – and we recommend you keep them in mind for your personal health and wellness!

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