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    Why Developing a Hobby is Important
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    23 December 2014

    Why Developing a Hobby is Important

    3 mins read
    Cognitive development
    for Pre-schoolers, Pre-teen
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    Pebble collection, stamp collection, gardening, cooking – at various points of our life, we have dabbled in the above or similar hobbies. And now, as our child comes into her own, we try and expose her to the above. A hobby is about one finding their own voice, and that’s precisely why it is crucial for every preschooler to have one – a hobby that is.


    Kids, today, are used to being offered everything on a platter. Be it food when they need, advice when they don’t, entertainment in the form of television, the internet, the iPad and so on. They seem to be surprisingly bereft of the thrill of exploring the world on their own. And therefore, they are unexposed to the joy and pride this can inculcate in them.

    If the above hasn’t come as a wake-up call, here are some more reasons why you must let you go of your little one’s finger and allow them to explore the magical world of hobbies.

    Reasons Why Kids Should be Allowed to Explore Their Hobbies

    • Finding their voice:

      A hobby is a very personal activity. It can only be what your little one enjoys doing. If she is sent to swimming with grandparents just for the sake of making her spend some time with grandparents, then that may not necessarily be the right one for her. She may end up liking neither swimming nor bonding with grandparents. Therefore, it is imperative that you give her time to think about this, and explore what she enjoys doing the most. Do not try and impose hobbies on her just because you may have enjoyed them in the past, or you think it is good for her.
    • Sense of pride:

      A hobby can be successful only if the pursuant is passionately involved and committed to it. Be involved in your little one’s hobby by checking on her at regular intervals. Have conversations with her on how it is shaping up and guide her gently, if you feel the need. A beautifully shaping up hobby can give the perfect boost to your little one’s self esteem and confidence.
    • An activity outside school:

      Today, most schools try and offer a plethora of hobby classes within their own premises. Parents often fall for this since it is convenient for us to pick up our child from the same place after the completion of all activities. However, being with the same set of people throughout the day and also in the after hours may not be the best environment to offer mental growth to our little ones. Hence, try and have hobby classes outside school so that they get the opportunity to interact with a whole new set of people.
    • Value of patience and hard work:

      Hobbies teach our children the invaluable lesson of the importance of perseverance and hard work. Watching a seed, they have planted and watered regularly, bloom into something beautiful, having a fish bowl at home that requires constant upkeep, thoughtfully choosing the colours and inspiration to create a beautiful painting – all these are catalysts for your young one’s mental maturity. No level of talking with them can teach them these qualities.


    • Prioritizing:

      Once your child is hooked on to her hobby, she will begin focusing on it without having to be prodded. Juggling it with school work, spending time with friends and ‘just chilling’ become second nature to them. Thus, prioritizing is a virtue they develop automatically.
    A hobby can develop your preschooler into a responsible young woman/ man who will make you proud someday.

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