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    When and In What Order Will Your Baby's Teeth Appear?
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    When will baby’s teeth appear
    29 July 2016

    When and In What Order Will Your Baby's Teeth Appear?

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    Now that your baby is out of the mandate 'breastfeeding only' period and can taste actual food, you will naturally be waiting to see his cute teeth appear. After all, his smile will become cuter than ever with teeth!


    There is a specific time for every event in life, and so is the appearance of baby teeth. Human teeth emerge in two sets and at different time intervals. The first set called milk teeth appear when kids are small and are replaced by permanent teeth at about six years of age. The events are as follows:

    Primary teeth Eruption:

    The upper jaw and the lower jaw have the same set of teeth and tend to appear together. However, various types of the teeth have their own defined time.
    • Central Incisors :

      The first teeth to appear are the central incisors at the age of 8-12 months and make your baby look really cute. They stay for a while and fall off by 7 years of age. Your little one will break biscuits first with her central incisors.
    • Lateral Incisors :

      The lateral incisors appear adjacent to the central incisors at around 9-13 months. They fall off by the age of 8 years. ||
    • Canine :

      This tooth appears between 1.5- 2 years and stays put till 12 years of age. It is essential for breaking down harder food.
    • First Molar :

      the first molar appears around 13-19 months and complements the canines. It falls off at the age of 11 years and is often used to mince food inside the mouth before swallowing.
    • Second Molar :

      This is the last set of tooth that appears. It erupts at the age of 2 years and falls off after 12 years.
    As your baby grows through the years there will be some additional space in the oral cavity. This will be filled by the first premolar, second premolar and the third molar tooth. The third molar is considered vestigial and commonly known as wisdom tooth. Since, third molar is the last to appear, your baby might take 25 years to have it in the oral cavity. Non-appearance should not be considered critical.

    Your baby’s teething timeline is crucial and should be monitored closely. Make sure you maintain proper dental hygiene to prevent common problems like gum injuries and infections.

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