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    Want to Know If You're Pregnant with a Boy or a Girl? Use the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart!
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    Chinese gender prediction chart
    20 February 2015

    Want to Know If You're Pregnant with a Boy or a Girl? Use the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart!

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    The Chinese gender prediction chart is an ancient method to determine the sex of a foetus. Unlike other old wives tales, this chart is supposedly accurate, and hence, widely popular among young parents.


    Discovered in an old tomb, the Chinese gender prediction chart is believed to be more than 700 years old! Legend is that using this chart, expectant parents can figure out the sex of their babies and even plan a baby with their preferred gender. 

    How to Use the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart?

    The Chinese gender prediction chart is categorised into columns and rows. The first column includes a range of ages of the moms-to-be and the first row depicts months of the year. The remaining body of the chart suggests whether it will be a boy (denoted in blue colour) or a girl (denoted in pink colour) by correlating the alignment of the mother’s age with the month of conception.
    Using the chart is simple. You have to first locate your age in the first column and then follow it horizontally across the row to the column depicting the month when the child was conceived. The cell, where both your age and conception month intersect, is the result. For example, if the mother’s age is 29 and the baby was conceived in July, it is a girl!

    The Correct Calculation

    The important factor to consider is that Chinese calendar is lunar, so your age might vary from the one in the calendar. You have to first convert your age in lunar years. A lunar year has 354.37 days. So, if you age above 33 according to a solar year, your age in lunar year varies by a year.
    Even the months in a Gregorian calendar are different from a lunar calendar. As per the lunar calendar, a hollow month has 29 days and a full month has 30 days. Since, there are differences in months (especially towards the end of the year), determining the ovulation period can be tricky, resulting in wrong calculations. Moreover, the correct conception month may be difficult to determine if your fertility cycle is unusual.

    Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

    Time It Right

    With the help of a Chinese gender prediction chart, you can aim at planning the baby with your preferred gender. If you want a girl child, try to conceive only in the months that suggest the birth of a baby girl. For example, for a woman trying to get pregnant with a girl child at the age of 28, the months best suited are April, May, July, September, October and December. There are no scientific reasons and accuracies behind the gender prediction of your baby. However, you can give it a try.

    For more than seven centuries, the Chinese gender prediction chart has been used by many parents-to-be as a reliable tool to predict the sex of the baby. But there is no scientific evidence to show that these predictions are cent percent accurate. A study conducted for 23 years in Sweden suggests that the accuracy of Chinese gender prediction chart is only 50%, which is just like flipping a coin. So, if you are considering painting the nursery based on the results, wait until the baby arrives.

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