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    Understanding Physical Development in Teens`
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    Parenting Physical Development
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    Physical development of a teenager
    19 November 2015

    Understanding Physical Development in Teens`

    3 mins read
    Physical Development
    for Teen
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    Teenage can be a tough time, not just for the teenager, but also for parents. For a better understanding of teenage physical development and how to cope with it, it's important to understand the changes a young child's body goes through as he/she steps into this awkward age.


    Teenage can be a difficult and overwhelming time for the parent and the child. It's an age that brings emotional and physical changes, along with many questions and dilemmas. Teenage is an in-between age – you’re no longer a child, but aren't an adult either. It's difficult for a child to adjust because you no longer seem to fit anywhere and dealing with the physical changes can get very awkward.

    What Are the Physical Changes in Teenagers?

    • Changes in Teenage Girls:

      The physical transformation in a teenage girls' body is different and more obvious than that of a boy’s. Some girls mature earlier than others, some as early as the young age of eight. The most obvious physical change in girls is the development of breasts. Their body begins to change shape and becomes curvaceous as they begin to gain weight and even height. They also begin to grow pubic hair and body hair in the underarms, arms, and legs. The other major change that teenage girls experience is the onset of menstruation.
    • Changes in Teenage Boys:

      Teenage can be an equally trying age for boys. At the onset of puberty, the genital organs begin to grow and develop in boys too. Their bodies begin to change in shape as their shoulders, thighs, and arms get more muscular, and they begin to gain height and weight. Boys begin to grow body hair on their arms, legs, and chest, and facial hair as well. Their voices begin to change from a lighter into a much deeper tone. Another major teenage physical development in boys is nocturnal emissions (wet dreams), a definitive sign that your boy is sexually responsive now.
    • Some Other Changes:

      Other examples of physical changes in teenagers, both boys and girls, are acne and skin problems due to the growth of sweat and oil producing glands. Teenagers also experience a change in their sleep patterns, as they start to stay awake till late and then stay asleep till later in the morning. They also start gaining their second and third molars around this age.
    The onset of teenage and puberty can be a very trying time for young adults. They are confused and searching for an identity at this time, and need the support of their parents or any adult they look up to. This could also be an embarrassing time for the parents, but teenagers are still children at heart and follow by example. The physical development of a teenager can make him/her very self-conscious, but to make them welcoming of this change, adults should answer any questions that the teenager may have openly and honestly. This is the time that the child needs to be educated about his/her body so that he may become more accepting and expecting of the changes. Also, remember that each child develops differently. Some mature faster while others bloom later, and it's best not to compare. Happy parenting!

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