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    Top 9 Self Help Books That All Moms Should Read
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    15 April 2015

    Top 9 Self Help Books That All Moms Should Read

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    Do you often feel the need to be guided on your role as a mother? Is there any secret that you need to know to become the perfect mother to your kids? Read these self-help books for moms, and get inspired to bring contentment in your life - both as a mother, as well as a woman.


    Being a mother is a full-time job, and there would be times when you might need some help and ideas to organise and deal with your life. One of the best and time-tested options is to read some self-help books for moms. Since parenting is hard, many books have been written to help mothers with this Herculean task. Read these best sellers to get useful tips and to know about inspirational real-life stories of other moms.

    Best Books on Self-improvement for Working Moms

    Here are our top picks for working mothers who just can't seem to catch a break! 

    1. I Know How She Does It

      The most asked question to a successful working mom, juggling her responsibilities efficiently, is always, ‘How does she do it all?’. Laura Vanderkam has addressed precisely this question in the book. It seems almost impossible to be able to have the best of both worlds – a job, an eventful social life and a peaceful, picture perfect home-life. Laura shares her pearls of wisdom and offers practical insights into the art of juggling it all.
    2. Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink

      An autobiographical account by Katrina Alcorn, this book is a must-read for all working mommies who struggle to create a balance between family, kids, and their career. In the book, Alcorn offers a vision for a better, improved, and happier way to live and work. Discover some ideas to get the perfect balance in your life with this one. 
    3. Lean In – Women, Work and The Will To Lead.

      Sheryll Sandberg is a modern-day Goddess. Facebook’s COO in 2008 and a successful mom to two young kids, Sheryll manages to convince the reader, that women are the future indeed! This book helps you to realise your potential and is sure to be a prized possession.

    WATCH: Why Should You Read Self Help Books?

    Key Takeaway:
    • Self-help books promote development of emotional intelligence
    • These books serve to delight the intellectual as well emotional faculties.
    • Self-help shouldn’t be a low-grade marginal undertaking since it is a guide to wisdom and a better life.

    Self-Help Books for Stay at Home Moms

    We have compiled for you some of the best self-help books, to read while sitting on the pot. (Because we know that's the only time a toddler isn't tugging at your dress.)

    1. The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

      Here, the author, Brene Brown, tries to inspire mothers who stress out trying to do everything perfectly. The book motivates women to accept themselves as they are. Brown shares a way of engaging with the world; she motivates mothers to perceive and discover themselves. The book speaks about how as mothers we can cultivate compassion and courage to be the best. It speaks of being brave, and even if one is imperfect and weak, it doesn't change the truth that everyone is worthy of being loved. The book also motivates women to accept themselves as they are. 
    2. Be That Mom: Ignite Your Passion, Organize Your Life and Embrace Your Family!

      Consisting of inspirational accounts of many moms and tips from writer Tina O'Connor, this book for mothers emphasises on effective communication for a relaxed life. Be That Mom will help you embrace your dear ones, have a stress-free routine and kindle your inner desire. It will provide you with the freedom to be and do whatever your heart desires. This book will help all moms to have fun, be it with kids or without them!
    3. 5 Life Skills Smart Moms Must Have: Proven Strategies to Keep You Sane!

      With this book, the author, J Rembrandt, tries to help mothers deal with their stress and anxieties in a better way. The book also explains the need to be organised so that the mother can take care of her responsibilities. It talks about the five areas that a mom must organise to stay stable and well-balanced: motherhood, family, food and nutrition, finances and household work. If a mother has control over these areas, she can develop extra effectiveness and get things easily done. She can enjoy her me-time and spend quality time with her family.

    Self Help Books for Single Moms

    Being a double-parent is quite challenging. Thank God for mommies who are kind enough to share their wisdom. 
    1. A Complete Guide for Single Moms

      Being a single mom is challenging. Janis Adam’s book, as the name suggests serves as the perfect guide to solving all the problems a single mom comes across. However, she doesn’t limit herself to being a problem solver. Janis hands us the key to raising healthy and happy children. Isn’t that what matters the most?
    2. The Succesful Single Mom

      Honoree Corder has given us what we all seek. A friend, life-coach, a therapist and a personal trainer rolled into one. She talks about going through a divorce and fearlessly conquering it, in a hyper-positive, upbeat manner. She inspires, encourages, at times even overshares(which we loved!) to assure the readers that they aren't alone. All more we can say is thank God for Honoree, whose book is like a warm fuzzy hug.
    3. The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-balance your Life

      This self-help book written by Renee Peterson Trudeau is a guide for mothers that helps them achieve their goals, forget their stress, and relax. This books soothes your body and soul and allows you to explore the boundaries of being a woman and a mom. It provides the reader with beautiful pictures, great stories and personal experiences from moms across all stages. It an action and information-packed guide which will give you a direction in the journey of motherhood. Exciting recollections by other moms in this book makes it a must-read. 

    Discover the secrets of being happy and find out ways to enjoy motherhood by flipping through the pages of these motivational books for moms. Apart from guiding your way to a satisfactory life as a mother – these are quite entertaining and prove to be good reads in your free time. So what are you waiting for? Get all of them and find out how to enhance your role, not only as a mother but as a woman too.

    List of Humorous Books on Parenting and Motherhood


    List of Humorous Books on Parenting and Motherhood

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