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    Top 5 Bedtime Stories for Kids
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    Bedtime Stories for Kids
    20 November 2014

    Top 5 Bedtime Stories for Kids

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    Not all kids look forward to bedtime, but what can change things is the prospect of a good bedtime story! And it’s even better if there are fun pictures to go with it! Take your pick from our list of the top 5 bedtime stories for kids.


    Kids have a legendary aversion to bedtime, which can prove disastrous for mom and dad! Yet, bedtime is essential to add some structure to a child’s day. Having a soothing bedtime routine helps the child wind down after a long day, ensuring better sleep which is crucial for growth and brain development.

    At the tail end of the bedtime routine comes the most anticipated part – the story! Bedtime stories are great bonding opportunities for parents, especially if they are out all day working. No child is too young to have a bedtime story, not even your newborn!

    Most children ask for a particular story to be read almost every day. This is because the familiarity comforts them and gives them a feeling of security. Among the most repeated bedtime stories are the classics, which have stood the test of time and are loved by children of all generations.


    Here is a List of 5 Most Loved Bedtime Stories for Kids:

    1. The Runaway Bunny

      by Margaret Wise Brown
      This book is among every parent’s wish list as soon as they realise that they’re expecting. It is a lovely story about a little bunny, who runs from place to place, only to find that his mother always comes looking for him. It is a beautiful and comforting story about a mother’s constant love.
    2. Counting Kisses

      by Karen Katz
      A great book to keep your child engaged, this one is perfect to cuddle up with. Baby is cranky and needs some soothing before bed, and every member of the family comes up with kisses of all kinds – squishy, loud, laughing. This book is ideal for little tantrum makers who can’t resist all those kisses and hugs!!
    3. ||
    4. Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book

      by Dr. Seuss
      When you hear that a book is by Dr. Seuss, you know instantly that it’s got to be a classic. In his typical rhyming style, Dr. Seuss shows us various animals sleeping all over the place, and not all of them have the same sleeping ‘style’. Like the others, this book also celebrates individuality and is a must-have on your child’s bookshelf.
    5. Just Go to Bed

      by Mercer Mayer
      The Little Critter series is immensely popular, and this book is no exception. Lovable little critter doesn’t want to go to bed, but dad persists and finally manages this seemingly impossible task! Kids, who tend to put off bedtime, are sure to relate to this little hero!
    6. Good Night Moon by

      Margaret Wise Brown
      No list about bedtime stories is complete without a mention of this book, first published in 1947. Often considered the ultimate bedtime book, this is a gentle story about a little bunny who prepares for bed by wishing everything in his room good night, starting from the moon outside his window to the bowl of mush on his table. The pictures hugely contribute to the success of this book, with an elusive mouse that jumps from page to page. If you plan to buy just one bedtime book, this should be it!
    Some parents prefer using their Kindle or other electronic device to read, but the charm of reading from a physical book is hard to beat! Also, experts agree that the light emitted by such devices can affect sleep. It’s best to try and stick to a consistent bedtime routine every day. This helps the child to nod off more easily, and wake up at the same time every day, fresh and well-rested. Keep a selection of these classics on his bedside table and be prepared for lots of cuddles from your little book lover!

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    Aditi Panvelkar
    Hi Kanika, check some online stores.
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    Geeta Kenjale
    Try Amazon.
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    Kanika Jain
    Hey, any idea where I can get these books?



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