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    Top 12 Ways To Reduce Stress During Pregnancy
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    How to ease pregnancy
    02 November 2015

    Top 12 Ways To Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

    5 mins read
    Health & Fitness
    for Pregnancy
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    Pregnancy is the start of something wonderful. It’s a new chapter in your life and brings with it so many changes, some good and some not so. Thankfully, the ‘not so good’ changes are just temporary. However, it is still important to learn the art of dealing with stress during pregnancy. And with some simple tips, you can ease your stress while keeping yourself busy.


    So, how to reduce stress during pregnancy? Check out these fun ways which are guaranteed to make you smile!

    How To Ease Pregnancy And Keep Stress At Bay

    1. Make anti-stretch mark cream

      Create your own stretch mark prevention and lightening cream that’s chemical-free as well as preservative-free. It’ll keep your skin looking healthy and will also keep your baby safe. Heat a quarter cup of coconut oil and 2tbsp of cocoa butter until melted. Remove from heat and stir in 2tsp of sweet almond oil and baby essential oil. Apply it daily to lighten stretch marks or prevent them.
    2. Drink herbal tea

      Make a mixture of 1cup dried raspberry leaves, half cup dried nettle leaves, and half cup dried peppermint leaves. Whenever you want to use it, steep 1 tsp in boiling water for five minutes. Drink this herbal tea 2-3 times a week, after consultation with your doctor. Raspberry helps reduce the duration of labour and is full of vitamins and minerals. Nettles, meanwhile, contain vitamin K and enhance production of breast milk. As for peppermint, it aids in digestion and reduces bloating.
    3. Mix up a strawberry scrub

      Another way to ease your pregnancy is to whip up a batch of fragrant strawberry scrub. Take 3-4 strawberries with their tops removed and mash them with a fork. Mix this with 1 cup coconut oil, half cup sugar and 1-2 drops of strawberry extract. Store it in jars and place them in your refrigerator. It’s totally safe for your baby too and helps keep you calm and relaxed. It is also great for swollen feet.
    4. Make diaper rash cream

      While you’re working on DIY projects to relieve stress during pregnancy, you can also make chemical-free nappy rash cream for your little one. Take a saucepan and melt half a cup of shea butter, a quarter cup of coconut oil and 1 tbsp of beeswax. Remove from the stove and add 2 tbsp vegetable glycerine. Beat the mixture till it’s creamy and cool. Store it in a jar and use as and when required.
    5. Have a citric drink

      Most women face morning sickness, at least in the first trimester of their pregnancy. It makes you lose fluids and electrolytes that are important for your health and your baby’s. Citric drinks are great pregnancy stress relievers to help soothe this awful sensation. Make a drink from lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, salt, honey, water and coconut water. Mix them in various combinations and freeze in little ice cube trays.
    6. Make your own pregnancy journal

      You can record all the milestones of your pregnancy in this to be fondly seen later in your life. You can buy a diary of your choice and give it makeover by tying ribbons, rings, stars and other embellishments. You can start from your pregnancy positive moment and go onto the developments trimester-wise including ultrasound pictures, pictures depicting your ever increasing bump, the actual delivery and baby pictures. This surely should be a treasure-chest of sweet memories.
    7. Create goodie bags for the nurses who help you deliver

      You can make personalised thank you gift bag with chocolates, thank you notes etc. for the nurses who help bring your baby to the world. Remember not to make it too expensive as some health care centres might not allow their employees to accept costly gifts.

    8. Join a Club/Class

      Clubs and classes are a great place to meet and befriend would be moms like yourself, compare notes and also relieve stress while pregnant. These clubs often offer yoga or water aerobics sessions meant for pregnant women. This will not only help in getting over boredom and stress but also aid in shedding those extra pounds post pregnancy with ease.

    9. Bake a cake

      Baking is therapeutic. It is good for the soul and good for your baby! If you haven't baked before, now is the time to join a class and learn to do it the healthy way.
    10. Decorate the nursery

      You know there will be no time for this after your baby is born. Take time out to plan the colour schemes, decorations and furniture for your little one's nursery. Get your folks to help you out here.
    11. Your range of miracle oil

      You can make some wonder oil by boiling coconut oil and cocoa butter. Add to it some almond oil or any other baby oil of choice upon cooling and your miracle oil is ready. Applied on stretch marks and skin rashes this works wonders by strengthening tissue, removing dead cells and increasing elasticity. You can even prepare some for your expecting friends.
    12. Go for a Mani/Pedi

      Nothing is more relaxing than a chilled out day at the salon. Plus, you come out looking like a million bucks, and your hands and feet feel sparkling clean! Just ensure the salon you visit meets hygiene and safety standards during the procedure.
    These little projects will help ease your pregnancy especially in the last month when you can’t wait for your baby to arrive. You could also start a pregnancy scrapbook. Write about your feelings and your hopes for your child and make it a gift for him or her later!

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