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    Toddlers Who Love Hiding Things
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    toddler hiding things
    09 February 2016

    Toddlers Who Love Hiding Things

    3 mins read
    Cognitive Development
    for Toddlers
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    A toddler hiding things proves how possession is of significance to kids. When caught, they let out many huffs and puffs too. But relax! It’s normal for babies to hide things. However, correct them by all means, gently yet firmly!


    Parents raising toddlers are quite used to handling odd behavioural patterns. This is especially true in the case of curious and active kids who love exploring their ever-expanding environment. But then, the antennas are bound to go up when they start hiding things. For instance, how normal is it for an 18-months-old to steal a spoon from the dining table and conceal it under a carpet? Take a look at this funny phase and decide for yourself.



    Is it Normal for Toddlers to Hide Things?

    • It’s all about possessiveness.

      It's quite normal to have a toddler hiding toys in areas that he thinks are his. Yes, children may fall in love with small things like spoons, keys, purses, remote controls, etc. that they see you using every day but don't get to touch. A sense of want and possessiveness prevails, and they pinch such things away from your sight to enjoy later.
    • But I still don't get just why do toddlers hide things!

      In most case, toddlers hide away things that they understand as being “theirs.” They have a feeling that sharing with others would “wreck” it in some way. Then, there are slightly older kids who hide away things that they feel will not be approved of by their parents. There are also certain things that get pushed into hidden corners when the child is ashamed of having made a wrong choice.
    • What are the common places toddler hide things?

      So, your hubby can’t find his bike keys? Ask him to look in the toy cart. Your remote control goes missing in time for your favourite show? Try finding in the dark depths of the inside speaker. Some parents end up finding tea bags stuffed in cute car compartments while others keep digging out their sandals from their daughters’ tents. The hiding places are indeed many!
    • A toddler hiding things is in fact a temporary behavioural pattern!

      Your toddler would hide only those things that'll be taken away for him if noticed. He understands how important they are to you and that he would not get it if asked for. This temporary behaviour will go off soon. As your baby’s mind develops and he understands that it is no fun hiding away things, he would prefer playing with them after seeking your permission.
    • How to correct 17-months-old child hiding things?

      Go about the task of correcting your guilty toddler gently, yet firmly. Explain the difference between “his” things and “your” things. Here, you need to lay primary focus on the wrong action and not the child. For example, “Hiding you dad’s mobile was not a good thing.  Only bad boys do such things. And you are mamma’s good boy, right?”
    Well, as if your forgetfulness wasn't enough, now you have a tiny tot who loves to hide your things. Before you go crazy wondering where did your things disappear know your child’s hiding spots and explain to him why it’s a wrong practice!

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