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    Tips to Feed your Fussy Toddler
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    fussy toddler
    10 October 2014

    Tips to Feed your Fussy Toddler

    3 mins read
    Food & Nutrition
    for Toddlers
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    If mealtimes with your toddler often lead to tantrums and eventually a hungry child, and a frustrated you, then you must know that there’s something wrong with the way you are handling it. Read our useful tips on how to feed your fussy toddler and make mealtimes less stressful for you and your toddler.


    Most parents dread feeding their toddler. Why? Because it’s an activity that most often than not leads to crying and throwing tantrums by your toddler, while on the other hand you are upset and at the end of your patience.

    Parents often dwell on the fact that their infants ate just about everything without giving them much trouble while they were infants. However, as they enter toddlerhood, the same children are reluctant to eat what they were eating easily earlier. However, it’s a common problem and nothing that can’t be taken care of with some patience and understanding.

    Keep on reading to know how you can feed your fussy toddler with minimum of fuss:

    Stay Positive

    Be calm and stay positive while feeding your toddler. Make appropriate positive comments about foods such as, “Wow, these are so yummy!” or “See this orange carrot is looking so pretty!” Compliment your toddler when he eats well. This will encourage him to appreciate mealtimes with you.

    Respect your Toddler’s Decision

    If your toddler shakes his head or says that he doesn’t want to eat more. Stop feeding him. After a few minutes, try once more. If the answer stays the same, feed him no more. Babies never go hungry; they usually know how much to eat and when to stop. So don’t force-feed your baby.

    Count Collective Meals

    There are days when your toddler refuses to eat just about anything, even the foods he generally likes. Fret not and be calm. On those bad days, try to overlook what your toddler didn’t eat in a single meal or over a single day. Instead count the meals that your child has had over the week. In addition, instead of junk and sweets, try giving him nutritious food, that way you will feel less guilty when he skips meals.

    Make Mealtimes Relaxed and Fun

    The mealtime for your toddler should be relaxed.

    • Don’t yell at him if he touches food, spills food or refuses to eat. This will only put him off eating. If your toddler realizes that mealtime is fun, he will start appreciating eating too.
    • Make sure there are no distractions such as the TV, toys or people conversing with each other. With distractions around, your toddler will not concentrate on eating.
    • Kids also appreciate stories around food.
    • Toddlers like to make a mess and simultaneously feed themselves. Allow your toddler to handle and touch his food, play with it and make a mess. Chances are that food will end up in his tummy.

    Feed your Toddler When Hungry

    A child, if not hungry, will be less interested in eating. No wonder he throws tantrums. Make sure your child doesn’t graze around mealtimes and engages in enough physical activity. This will surely make your child hungry enough to not say no to a meal. Check how much milk does your toddler drink in a day. Doctors usually recommend dairy products equivalent to 500 ml of milk per day. If your child consumes more than that, he is bound to be fussy during mealtimes.

    Give Small Portions

    Heaping your toddler’s plate with food might put him completely off. Give your toddler small portions of food only. This might interest him in eating.

    Finally, remember, it’s a phase and it shall too pass. With these tips, ensure that your toddler gets optimum nutrition from all kinds of food groups and starts looking forward to mealtimes.

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    Comments (3)

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    Jasmine Dudi
    Thanks..It is really helpful..
    profile pic
    Kirti Sharma
    I needed it.. very nice
    profile pic
    Riya Ghosh
    My daughter is 2.9 yrs old, she always refuses to eat her meal though she is hungry. she only likes to eat chocolates, chips etc instead of healthy meals. I always tried to make her meal looking good or testy so that she became attracted by the food. I allow her to feed by herself but no way i can feed her. I am very much frustrated and depressed. Please tell me a right way to overcome this situation.



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