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    Thumb-Sucking in Babies – What you Need to Know
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    why babies suck thumb
    11 April 2017

    Thumb-Sucking in Babies – What you Need to Know

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    Your little one is a mysterious subject. With every passing day, you will discover the deepest mysteries of your baby. You will be amazed and surprised at all the amazing things he can achieve and celebrating all these milestones will be moments to cherish. Out of these milestones every mum will notice certain reflexes that all normal babies develop. These include the rooting reflex, the moro reflex, grasping reflex and sucking reflex. If your little one has begun to suck on his thumb, there's a lot you may have not heard from your doctor about this and we're sure you will find this interesting,


    Why Do Babies Suck Their Thumb

    You would be surprised to learn how early on thumb sucking in babies commences. Did you know that babies learn to suck their thumbs right in the womb? Yes! You would notice it in the ultrasound scans. This movement is actually the onset of what new born should do after birth. Sucking milk is the only way to get nutrition and your baby knows it much beforehand.

    Also, sucking his thumb will make your baby feel secure and comfortable. There are many times babies do not suck to satiate their hunger. This non-nutritive sucking will actually calm your baby. This is the same reason why we have pacifiers.

    What to do about it?

    • Do not panic :

      Dental Associations have confirmed the safety of babies sucking their thumb. You can be rest assured that there will be no harm on teeth alignment. However, the same habit has to stop during the appearance of permanent teeth. If your baby is sucking his thumb vigorously at all times, then the need of braces might arise. She might also rest the thumb inside just for comfort. Vigorous sucking might need your attention, but no need to panic. Look for some weaning techniques! ||
    • Do not pressurise :

      Do not force your baby out of thumb-sucking by hitting or yelling. This will increase the desire more. Your baby might be doing so to feel comfortable.
    • A savior :

      Thumb- sucking can prevent your baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS cases are common all over the world, where babies pass away in their sleep due to choking. Thumb sucking actually prevents this from happening as there is constant movement happening in the mouth.

    It is perfectly okay if your baby is unable to give up his thumb sucking habit for a while. Let him be until he finds a way to comfort himself in a better way, which will eventually happen. For instance, if your baby used to suck his thumb during hunger, after some time he might directly ask you food rather than sucking. If the same tends to continue till pre-school, then you might have to find ways to wean him off the habit. A common method would be to distract him by engaging him in new activities or toys. As a great parent, you need to have the right patience and temperament to handle your little one.

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