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    This Mom Went from 86 Kgs to 60 Kgs in a Year and Won Mrs India Earth Runner Up Too!
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    Diksha Chhabra
    18 July 2018

    This Mom Went from 86 Kgs to 60 Kgs in a Year and Won Mrs India Earth Runner Up Too!

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    Diksha went from 86 kgs to 60 kgs in a year and she is on a mission to inspire women to embrace health and fitness.


    Diksha Chhabra was an ordinary housewife who led a very conventional life. She worked as an administrator in a school in Delhi, while her husband served in the army, which required her to raise their then 5-year-old son by herself. That was, up until two years ago.

    Today, Diksha is the proud owner of the titles ‘Mrs Body Fit 17-18’ and ‘Mrs India Earth (Runner Up) 2017’, and is a certified nutritionist, a model, a coach with Decathlon, and an inspiration to women who need plenty of motivation to jump on the ‘fitness bandwagon’!

    So, how does an ordinary housewife, weighing close to 90 kgs and dealing with weight fluctuation, hypothyrodism and PCOD, become the fitspiration that she is today?
    With determination, patience, and truck-loads of hard work, of course!

    Diksha Chhabra transformation

    Diksha Chabra weight loss

    When Diksha’s doctor advised her to lose weight, she was already at a point where she’d wanted to get fitter and lead a healthier lifestyle; the diagnosis just fueled her further. She initially went on a strict weight-loss regimen, with fixed goals on where she wanted to reach. But what she realised was that extreme weight-loss was not very flattering on her body, as it took a toll on her skin, making it look saggy. This is when she was introduced to weightlifting by her well-wishers, and she hasn’t looked back on her fitness journey since!

    Diksha Chhabra weightlifting

    As the experts say, diet plays the main role in your weight-loss journey - despite being a vegetarian, Diksha included natural proteins in her diet in the form of fish and chicken. She follows a normal diet plan that is suited to her needs, and supplements them with multivitamins, whey protein, and Omega 3. She has also tried out diets patterns like intermittent fasting and the Keto diet; anything that can keep her weight in check. While preparing for the contest, she stuck to the carb cycle diet, which she said suited her well.

    Diksha Chabra fitness

    Mrs India Earth

    The efforts surely paid off, as Diksha entered and emerged as the runner-up in the Mrs India Earth pageant. And coming from someone who admits that she used to feel insecure and unfit while looking in the mirror before, this is definitely no mean feat! Diksha achieved what seems impossible on paper - losing almost 25 kgs in a year's time! But if you see the zeal with which she pursued her goals, it wouldn't surprise you much. In fact, she even claims that working out has made her life easier when it comes to managing her day and her son's as well.

    Diksha Chabra son

    Today, apart from being committed to her own health and fitness, Diksha also wants to help other women realise the value of a healthy lifestyle, and encourage more women to enter the realm of weightlifting. Following her Instagram account is all the inspiration you'll need, as she shares feedback and 'Before-After' transformations of the women she coaches, most of whom are mothers and working professionals with a busy schedule and heavy responsibilities. She captioned this very picture below with the following words:
    "Pic in the left:  was a woman who was struggling with her insecurities.. you can see her forceful smile.. lack of confidence in her eyes.. and kind of disappointed with her own self.. though it was my first day at new work place in a leadership role..but I clearly remember always being doubtful about my decisions, appearance and conduct.. all these turmoils were inside me but I used to show "IAM Fine, I am Good".. Is a woman who I am right now.. I don't say I am perfect right now but I am happy.. happy with myself.. I work for myself.. I am confident and hell proud of my journey so far.. I take my decisions.. and it's ok if sometimes my decisions are not right ones.. being your own boss is a different feeling all together.. "

    Diksha Chabra

    Doesn’t Diksha’s story prove that you can get anywhere in life as long as you set your mind and work with all your heart for it?

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