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    This Immunity Tracking Meter Can Tell You What Your Child is Lacking So You Can Fix It Quick
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    Immuno meter
    02 January 2019

    This Immunity Tracking Meter Can Tell You What Your Child is Lacking So You Can Fix It Quick

    5 mins read
    Food & Nutrition
    for Moms, Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, Pre-teen
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    As much as you'll be preparing your child's meals with plenty of love, the food he eats needs to be packed with plenty of nutrients, so that he is able to stay strong and healthy. How can you check whether his immunity is on track? Find out!


    As a mom, every meal you prepare for your little one will be made with plenty of love. Important as that is, there is another element that your dishes need to be overflowing with - nutrients! That’s right - growing kids need to be consuming a well-balanced diet on a daily basis, although this is sometimes easier said than done! There are plenty of things that can lead to your child’s nutrient intake being lesser than what’s necessary, thereby affecting his immunity.

    Is Your Child Receiving Enough Nourishment from His Food?

    The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) and the AI (Adequate Intake) refer to the amount of nutrients a person needs to stay well-nourished and healthy. These amounts vary when it comes to men and women, and also among age-groups, depending on the different bodily needs of each group. The food that your child has on a daily basis contribute to his RDA of essential nutrients. However, recent research conducted on Indian kids has revealed that they do not receive even 50% of RDA of key immunity nutrients. This, in turn, affects his immunity adversely, and causes him to fall ill a little too often!
    Surprised? Well, there may be some obvious reasons why your child’s daily nutrient intake may be falling short.
    • Think of all the meals he has in a day, right from breakfast to dinner. Sometimes, it’s the quantity of the food that’s not enough and sometimes, the meal itself may be deficient in essential nutrients.
    • Picky eating is yet another matter - even if you’ve served him a good quantity of healthy food, he can’t reap the benefits of the meal unless he actually eats it!
    • Consumption of junk food, however much it fills his little tummy up, doesn’t really meet his nutritional requirements.
    • And when your child’s immunity is struck and he falls ill as a result of all these things, it also affects his appetite; further reducing his nutrient intake because he’s skipping meals!
    For an easy way to track your child’s immunity index, this Immuno Meter by Cipla ActivKids ImmunoBoosters is the way to go. It lets you find out exactly what your child is lacking in, so that you can make up for all the nutrients he’s missing out on!
    The Immuno Meter calculates your child’s nutrient intake by having you document all his meals throughout the day. It has covered possibly every Indian (and other cuisines too!) dish that you could be serving your little one and also asks you to record the quantity you feed him. Simply input this information and voila - your child’s immunity index shall be revealed! You can analyse for yourself exactly which nutrients your child may be lacking in, right in the comfort of your home. Now that’s a relief, right?

    Nutritious food for kids

    How to Increase Your Child’s Daily Nutrient Intake & Boost His Immunity

    Simply tracking your child’s immunity index is not enough. It’s important to pay attention to the key nutrients that are missing from his diet, deficiencies of which can lead to serious health problems. Building up your child’s immunity in today’s world, especially with too much pollution, hectic lifestyles, and a growing dependency on screens (as opposed to playing outside for some exercise) is as difficult as it is necessary.
    Here are some tips you can try to make sure that your child gets the best out of his diet:
    • Once you’ve gained some insights about your child’s nutrient intake by using the Immuno Meter, make a note of the ones he is falling short of. Incorporate foods that are rich sources of these nutrients in his diet more often.
    • Make sure to strike the right balance with his diet. If your child is fond of junk food, don’t cut it off from his life altogether. Instead, keep it to a minimum and on certain days of the week, and compensate with healthy options on other days.
    • If your child is a fussy eater, you can also prepare healthy options of his favourite treats, by simply switching a few ingredients and replacing them with their healthy alternatives. If your child has a sweet tooth, he would be more than pleased to have a choco-bite by ActivKids Immuno Boosters, that is filled with nutrients to boost your little one’s immunity! In fact, you can meet your child’s nutrient deficiency with a single choco-bite in a day; and it’s super low in sugar, which means no problems for your child’s teeth. Your kid will love the taste, and you’re going to love the healthy chocolate that it is!
    • A child who gets plenty of physical exercise can sure work up an appetite! Ensure that your child’s daily playtime gives him the opportunity to work up a sweat, and leaves him hungry for food.
    • Plate up food in a way that it looks exciting and inviting. You can also involve your child in this process, giving him a creative license and working up his interest in eating a delicious and pretty plate of food he helped to prepare!
    You know your child’s needs and tastes more than anyone else and we’re sure you’re already doing your best to ensure your child’s good health and strong immunity. But if you need a bit of help, take a leaf out of the books of several other moms who’ve tried and tested the ActivKids Immuno Boosters as a supplement to their kids’ diets. They are loving it and we’re sure you would too!

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