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    This Brilliant Video Is What All Kids and Moms Expecting Exam Results Need To See
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    dealing with exam stress
    23 May 2016

    This Brilliant Video Is What All Kids and Moms Expecting Exam Results Need To See

    2 mins read
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    It's that time of the year again. When the newspapers feature school toppers scoring 99% marks and college cutoffs follow close behind. When households grow tense, our children lose sleep, and as parents to Class Xth and XIIth kids, we become completely crazy! But is this amount of stress and anxiety really worth it? In a short, silent video, Vir Das gives us all a startling message. There is only one thing that really matters, he says, and it is this one thing that is going to save your children from losing their mind over exam results...


    Has your child been endlessly worrying about his exam results this month? If these are Board Results you're talking about, we can only imagine the kind of stress he's been under! We live in a societal setting that lays way too much emphasis on - “So, what was your percentage?” And no wonder, everything seems to depend on your marks - right from college admissions to friend circles, career plans to what your relatives think of you!

    But wait. How much do marks really matter? Will they really decide your child's future? If the answers to these questions seem to be a “Yes” right now, we bet that is going to change. Only ONE thing holds importance in the larger scheme of things. It is this one thing we need to tell our kids to remember...


    Beautiful, wasn't that? Vir Das has urged everyone to share this message - with someone “who is stressed, has done well, hasn't done well...or is generally feeling overwhelmed”. Ever since the CBSE Class XIIth results came out, a number of parents have been interacting with him on his Facebook page. They are sharing how this simple message really helped their children see "results" for what they are - not a foretelling or full-stop on the future! Perhaps this reassurance, the willingness to work harder, and a supportive hug from Mamma will be enough to make things just right for our little ones.


    We'll leave you with your thoughts for a while; we're off to share the message with more fellow moms!

    Via Vir Das on Facebook

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    Comments (2)

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    Kanika Jain
    Just so thoughtful of Vir Das to do something like this. Simple and perfect message. Believe in yourself. Most importantly, parents need to believe in their kids.
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    Tilottama Chatterjee
    Such a important message for all kids to know - it breaks my heart when I hear about student suicides over an exam result - kudos to him for this video - if it helps a single person deal with a result, it's a job well done.



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