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    These 7 Recipes are a Delicious Way To Get Your Kids to Eat Prunes!
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    kids recipes with prunes
    28 October 2016

    These 7 Recipes are a Delicious Way To Get Your Kids to Eat Prunes!

    3 mins read
    Food & Nutrition
    for Pre-schoolers
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    About Del Monte
    Moms are always on the lookout for healthy, delicious foods that keep their household happy and disease-free. This is why we partnered with Del Monte to invite freshness and nutrition into your kitchen.
    From a healthy breakfast recipe for kids to savoury snack dishes, from bakery products and smoothies to simple baby food, prunes can be a wonderful add-on to your kids’ daily diet. Prunes or “dried plums” are a great source of dietary fibre, vitamins and antioxidants – just what your growing children need. Not just that, they also help fight with conditions such as constipation and keep your child’s skin and hair well-nourished and healthy. Their antioxidant power builds natural resistance and vitality. With so many benefits packed inside, it goes without saying that prunes should become an essential component of daily meals.


    But when you’re thinking about getting the kids excited about prunes, the shoe starts to pinch! Prunes are, ultimately, dried fruits. And we know how excited fruits make kids! Yes, prunes can be eaten directly from the packet as a snack or served as-is in a tiffin-box. But you’re much more likely to see success with these recipes that are an original and yummy mix of the healthy and the contemporary! 

    7 Recipes Made With The Power-Packed Prunes:

    1. Recipe #1: Chia Seeds, Banana, Prunes Overnight Oatmeal's one no-cook oatmeal recipe, served with fresh fruits and chopped prunes. If you prepare this the night before, this recipe can act as a quick, morning breakfast for kids before school hours.

      Chia Seeds, Banana, Prunes Overnight Oatmeal Recipe
    2. Recipe #2: Apple and Prune Puree can be a good source of antioxidants and fibre for babies. If your baby is prone to constipation, a puree made with 2-3 chopped prunes a day should help keep their motions regular! Babies rarely reject the flavour as these are pretty yum!

      Apple and Prune Puree Recipe
    3. Recipe #3: Banana Prune Muffins wouldn't believe that prunes make these banana-prune muffins super-delicious! Just use a serving of Del Monte prunes which have great quality as well as taste, besides being very low in saturated fats content. Then proceed to follow these steps to make these guilt-free muffins. They are very moist and can be packed in your child's lunchbox if made in advance. A definite must try!

      Banana Prune Muffins Recipe
    4. Recipe #4: Prune-Apple Smoothie a hot, sunny day, this smoothie will surely beat the heat. Treat your kid's taste buds with this yummy yogurt-based apple and prune smoothie. You can even make ice pops from it. This fulfilling smoothie is perfect for breakfast time too!

      Prune-Apple Smoothie Recipe

    5. Recipe #5: Pear, Prune, Cloves Puree prunes and pears in this puree act as a natural laxatives in babies. If your baby is experiencing constipation, expose him to a lot of tummy-time and this natural food remedy.

      Pear, Prune, Cloves Puree Recipe
    6. Recipe #6: Stewed Prunes simple recipe made with stewed prunes in a light, lemony syrup is an unexpectedly delicious dish! Here they are for you, with all the goodness of vitamins and minerals that come with prunes.

      Stewed Prunes Recipe
    7. Recipe #7: Prune, Walnut, and Banana Loaf breakfast loaf coupled with a glass of milk in the morning is bound to give a great start to your child's day. You can slightly warm it up in the microwave and spread a little butter on top to make it yummier. We're sure kids won't be able to resist it!

      Prune, Walnut, and Banana Loaf Recipe
    Based on your child's food choices, you can add chopped prunes to a sweet or a savoury dish. Basically, any recipe you would pair with raisins also pairs beautifully with prunes. You can also boil prunes till they are soft and then puree them to make a prune paste that can be spread on toast. How about use bite-sized prunes to top off pizza, pancakes and waffles? There’s no end to the great things you can do with prunes if you just set your imagination rolling! You can also get some great ideas on the Del Monte India Facebook page.

    We are sure these mouth-watering recipes have inspired you to get experimenting with prunes. Do you plan to make any recipe with this super-food? We're waiting to include your recipe in this list!

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