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    These 10 Daily Household Chores Can Burn Up to 2000+ Calories!
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    10 October 2018

    These 10 Daily Household Chores Can Burn Up to 2000+ Calories!

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    No interest or time to go to the gym? Why go there in the first place when your daily household chores can help you burn around 2000 calories every week! Simple things like mopping the floor, taking care of your baby or washing your car can be your ticket to weight loss!


    Losing weight is no mean feat. It’s difficult enough to manage a household, a job, and all your regular duties and chores, without carving out time for the gym too! But every once in a while when you catch yourself jiggling those love handles and frowning at your bulges in the mirror, you swear an oath to yourself - ‘From tomorrow, I start exercising!’ Only, tomorrow never comes, and you’re back to your routine schedule of tending to your never-ending to-do list.

    But does that mean all hope is lost? Of course not! What if you could lose weight while going about your daily life with no extra effort? Sounds too good to be true, but you’re already doing it every single day!

    Daily Chores You Can Do to Lose Weight

    Take into consideration elderly women you know in your family. Not everyone would have had access to a well-facilitated gym or hi-tech equipment. But we can agree that most of these ladies displayed strength and stamina that they carry with them till date. So what was their source of exercise? Their daily chores!

    Here’s how you can live out the ultimate multi-tasker’s dream!
    1. Sweeping and Mopping the Floor - 240 to 260 calories an hour

      A clean house and a flat belly? Sounds like two of the three wishes you’d ask of a genie! Once you’re done sweeping the floors, ditch the mop and get down on all fours with a piece of cloth. Going about this approach for just an hour can help you burn off those two puris you had for breakfast.
      To get a workout out of this chore, work your way into a plank - extend your hands out in front of you as much as you can, without letting your midsection collapse. Hold for about 2 counts, then bring back your arms under your shoulders. But for safety sake, do this before you get the floor, the rag, and yourself wet and soapy!

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      But if getting down on your knees is not very favourable for your back, you can stick to mopping. Half an hour of mopping can burn up to 119 calories, which is good news too! Tugging and scrubbing at some really tough stains can grant you a good workout - how simple is that!
    2. Tidying Up - 238 calories an hour

      Once your floors are sparkling, time for you to put away those toys and torn-up magazines and utility items your baby likes to play with, that are adorning every little bit of free space you can see. Picking up and putting away things in cabinets and shelves, dusting every corner, cleaning counter-tops, changing the bedsheets, arranging things around the house - yes, doing all these little things for an hour can help you burn a significant amount of calories. There’s one advantage of the mess your little one is creating everyday!

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    3. Vacuuming - 235 calories an hour

      An hour of vacuuming your whole house can help you shed the calories you gained while indulging in that slice of creamy chocolate cake. It’s a nice alternative for a walk that you probably don’t have time for, plus you end up with a dust-free house!

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    4. Washing the Dishes or Doing the Laundry - 100 calories an hour

      Three meals a day equals plenty of dishes that are piling up in the sink and around it all day long. Oh well, now you have some motivation to get your hands dirty - or really clean, rather! Give your plates and vessels a good scrub, and work in some shoulder action and on-the-spot dancing for a fun workout session. Also get some laundry done to burn an additional 100 or so calories, with all the squatting, lifting, and folding actions involved. While they’re not going to help you shed significant weight, you’re still burning a couple of cookies or snacks that you ate, so what’s not to love!

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    5. Ironing Clothes - 157 calories an hour

      That big mound of your husband’s shirts, baby’s onesies, and all your clothes sitting in a Himalaya-like pile in front of you is yet another way for you to get some exercise. Ironing for an hour helps you work off one small bag of those chips that you couldn’t resist earlier!

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    6. Cooking - 100 calories an hour

      Preparing a full meal is not an easy task and takes plenty of effort - and helps you burn a 100 calories if the process lasts for an hour, which it easily will while catering to your family’s culinary desires. Think of all the moving around, stirring, chopping, kneading, and mixing involved - phew! Given that you’ll mostly be repeating this process three times a day, that’s 300 calories you can burn daily by doing your most basic chore!

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    7. Child Care - 204 calories an hour

      Mommies and care-takers of babies, we bear good news! Giving your little one a bath, getting him dressed, playing with him; a good hour of dedicating time to a baby can help you burn calories 204 calories. Which just goes to show how much you may be actually burning when you look after your baby all day, everyday!

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    8. Cleaning the Bathroom - 180 calories an hour

      No one likes a stinky bathroom, especially not a mom who needs to change at least 10 diapers on a daily basis! The bathroom can be your haven and respite, and your place to get some me-time for around 20 minutes a day - so wouldn’t you love for it to be sparkling white and smelling wonderful? Of course you would! Spend an hour cleaning the bathroom as frequently as you can and burn 180 calories while at it.

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    9. Washing the Car - 314 calories an hour

      If husband dearest is usually in charge of washing the car, this is probably one duty you’d love to take over while he handles the baby for a bit. This chore helps you burn the same amount of calories as you would during a boxing session. There’s a lot of scrubbing, walking, bending, squatting, stretching and other actions involved, that really gives you the benefit of a full body workout - and leaves your car looking like your shiny pride and joy!

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    10. Remodelling the House - 300+ calories an hour

      Sure, you won’t be painting your walls and moving around furniture every other day, but when you do, it’s a guaranteed workout! Rearranging furniture and moving it around the house is a very hands-on project that going to require plenty of elbow grease, and painting your walls can work up quite a sweat as well. So before you get external help, why not give it a try if you're feeling up to it?

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    There you go! Burning close to 2000 calories a week and didn’t even need to leave your house for it! Make sure to supplement your daily ‘exercises’ with a well-balanced diet, to get the best out of your ‘household workout’! Note that the calories mentioned change according to the person’s weight, and depends on whether you do light or heavy cleaning. That said, you’re definitely going to burn some calories, so get to those chores with a cheer!

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