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    12 July 2016

    The 6 Best Oils for Baby Massage

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    Wom Editorial
    After being snug and secure in your womb for 9 months, babies are exposed to the harsh world outside after birth. To adapt to the environment and grow healthy, your baby needs extra care and nutrients. Thankfully for us, nature provides everything your baby needs to develop into a healthy adult – including baby massage oil!


    Age-old traditions suggest massages for babies in a variety of oils to aid development. Massage with baby oil not just benefits your baby's bone and muscle development but also helps him have sound sleep and stay cheerful and relaxed throughout the day. It has also been proven to strengthen the bond between the mother and baby, as the baby senses his mother’s touch and warmth and this makes him grow in a secure environment.

    Best Oil for Baby Massage

    Choosing the right oil for your baby is very crucial as your baby’s skin is very sensitive. So, what are the best massage oils for babies? Here are some of the best oils for baby massages that are nourishing for your baby's skin while also being delicate.


    1. Almond Oil

      Almond OilBeing one of the most popular picks of baby massage oil, almond oil is ideal for baby skin massage. It suits infants of all age groups, including your newborn. Almond oil for baby is rich in Vitamin E which gives your baby soft and glowing skin. 
    2. Coconut Oil

      Coconut OilKeeping erratic weather conditions in mind, mothers need to select the best oil for the season. However, coconut oil for baby massage is ideal for both summers and winters. Coconut oil is light in texture and gets easily absorbed into the skin. It has anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and protects the skin from infections.

      Coconut oil for baby skin also helps treat skin conditions like eczema, dry skin, patches, and rashes. Massaging your baby with coconut oil will give her soft and supple skin and also protect her from skin infections.

    3. Mustard Oil

      Mustard OilMustard oil is one of the most preferred oils for babies especially during winters as it gives warmth to your baby.

      Tip: Mustard oil is generally heated with fenugreek seeds (methi) and garlic. This natural baby massage oil is known to relax the baby’s body, strengthen muscle and bone development, and boost your baby’s immune system. In fact, it is said to be the best baby massage oil for strong bones. Be careful about this combination as babies with sensitive skin may react adversely to it.

    5. Chamomile Oil

      Chamomile OilChamomile oil is specially chosen for newly born babies. As your baby’s skin is sensitive, chamomile helps to treat skin rashes and prevents future skin infections. This makes it the best oil for baby skin. It is extremely beneficial for babies who are prone to colic and induces sound sleep in babies.

    6. Sunflower Oil

      Sunflower OilSunflower oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids which are essential for your baby’s muscle and bone development. Additionally, Vitamin E and fatty acids help nourish the skin keeping it soft and well hydrated.

    7. Castor Oil

      Castor OilCastor oil is the preferred choice for many moms across the world, as it is recommended as a baby massage oil for strong bones and bone development in general. It is also specifically used to treat dry skin. It is recommended to massage castor oil on your baby’s skin regularly before bath.

      Watch: Massage Techniques for Infants

      Key Takeaway

    • A massage is the best way to communicate with your baby and show her love!
    • Choose a time when the baby is relaxed; not when she is sleepy or hungry.
    • Use firm strokes for legs and feet; the baby already expects this from all her diaper changes.
    • Use gentler strokes for the baby's face.
    • Massaging your baby is the best bonding experience you can ask for!
    • Note: When you are looking for the best baby oil for infants, make sure you pick one that is paediatrician-approved and 100% natural. It is a good idea to consult your doctor to choose a suitable massage oil, especially if your infant has very sensitive skin.

    FAQ About Baby Massage Oils

    Here are some FAQs regarding the usage of oils for massage for babies.
    • Can I Use Olive oil for Baby Massage?

      Olive oil is high in oleic acid and this can increase the permeability of your child's skin. Thus, it is best to refrain from using olive oil for baby massage if your child has sensitive skin, eczema, etc.

      Can I Combine Oils for Baby Massage?

      Yes, you can also choose to do a combination of two or more oils for effective results. Just ensure to pick oils that are safe for babies. If you are adding any spices to the oil, such as garlic, fenugreek, turmeric, etc., do a patch test on the baby's skin and wait for 24 hours to check for any adverse reactions. In case your baby's skin shows redness or irritation, do not use that combination. It is best to discuss with the paediatrician when in doubt. 

    So, these were some of the best massage oils for babies you can pick from. The important thing to remember here is that giving baby a massage matters more than choosing a particular massage oil. Massages not only promote muscle and bone development, but is also a great way to bond with your baby! Massage your baby regularly until the age of two. 

    Make sure to pick a massage oil that suits baby's skin and temperament. For example, if your baby is wriggly and easily irritable, try some lavender essential oil to keep him calm. 

    Do you have any cool oil combos you would like to share with us? Do write to us in the comments section below!

    Baby Massage Doctor Tips

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    Try homemade ghee of cow's milk.
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