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    The 10 Best Books For 3-6 Months Old Babies
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    04 July 2016

    The 10 Best Books For 3-6 Months Old Babies

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    Why are we even talking about books for 3-6 months old babies? Aren’t they too little to understand or be interested in books of any kind? Well, no! Science has established that it is never too early to get your child started with books – and 3-6 months old is actually the perfect time to start!


    At this age, your baby has started responding to your facial expressions, the tone of your voice, and the expressions you use. He is also drawn to pictures and colours, especially high-contrast, bright ones. All of this and more can be enhanced by the right books.

    Here is our list of the 10 best books for your baby at this age. Check it out and start building his library right away!

    1. An Animal Lover's Mother Goose by Bobbi Fabian :

      What is babyhood without Mother Goose? The attractive, colourful animal photos in this book are sure to entice your little one. Keep pointing to them and imitating their sounds as you read.
    2. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown :

      This is yet another classic for babies that can become the perfect bedtime companion. There is a special reason why this one just has to be in your collection – the little rabbit saying goodnight to everyone and everything is a really cute way to welcome the night. It can even become a ritual as your baby grows up!
    3. The Three Bears Rhyme Book by Jane Yolen :

      Three cuddly bears and your baby – we can sense comfort already! This book has a lovely poem and some cheerful illustrations that make it a delight to read even for Mom and Dad!
    4. Black on White by Tana Hoban :

      If you thought babies like only colourful books, this one will be the exception. It has black pictures on a white background – very high contrast and very fascinating for babies. Since the graphics are so bold, it will also be easier for your baby to eventually relate them with the pictures.
    5. Farm by James Brown :

      This is a great book to promote the sense of touch in your baby. The book has a great collection of textures to add to its overall appeal. As for animals, that’s a tried and tested theme that always works with babies!

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    7. How a Baby Grows by Nora Buck :

      How about a baby book that your toddler enjoys as well? This one has super-cute rhymes about what a baby does, for instance, coo! Your older child will relate to all these things and clap his hands as he connects to his little sibling doing them too.
    8. Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss :

      Sleep is something all parents are touchy about; they never get enough! This book has witty poems that precisely capture this emotion and all the rhymes are very, very catchy. Try reading this when it’s time for your baby to sleep; you’ll feel better prepared to handle the exhaustion.
    9. Mrs. Mustard's Baby Faces by Jane Wattenberg :

      Babies love looking at faces, and this book is full of them! The baby expressions and bright images will surely bring lots of coos and smiles to your darling.
    10. Pat the Bunny by Edith Kunhardt Davis :

      This is another tactile book that should be a part of your library. We have a special weakness for it because it’s just so adorable. Nothing like patting a bunny's fur, right? The design of the book is also great for playing games like peekaboo!
    11. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff :

      If the title fascinates you, the beautiful illustrations are going to make this your baby’s favourite book! The stories are simple and repetitive – perfect for babies who are just beginning to understand and remember a few words.
    The only thing you need to be careful about while reading is that your role is crucial at this age. How you read, whether you enjoy it or not, whether the book is suitable (and not chewable!) and how interested you can get your baby by pointing out to things and using animated language – this is the secret to raising a reader.

    What books do you use for your baby? Which one seems to be his favourite? Tell us in the comments.

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