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    Teenagers Say Harsh Things - Here's What They Mean!
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    Meanest things teenagers say
    18 December 2015

    Teenagers Say Harsh Things - Here's What They Mean!

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    Many parents complain about the meanest things teenagers say. However, most often than not, they're actually trying to convey a different message that you are unable to decipher. The key is to learn to understand the hidden meanings behind what they say.


    If you’re the mother of a teenager, you may be acquainted with your child's mood swings and cranky behaviour. However, the one thing that you find hard to understand is his language. Though he speaks in the same tongue as you, it’s hard to understand the hidden meanings! Learn what he’s trying to say and you’ll soon realise when you need to ‘just chill’!

    Some Things Teens Say and What They Mean

    • I can't do it :

      When your teenager utters these words, the first thing that comes to mind is that all the efforts you’ve put into making him self-dependent and confident have gone to waste! You hit the roof and yell at him for giving up without trying or for being lazy. However, when he says he can't do something, what he actually means is that he’s nervous about doing it.
    • You won't understand :

      This is one of the meanest things a teenager can say to her parents. After having cradled your child for so many years, hearing her say these words hurts you. But, what you need to understand is that she might be going through a difficult phase in her young life. Even a small life event can seem like a big deal to a teen, so don't get miffed with her. Just deal with her lovingly and reassure her that you’re there if she needs help.
    • I'll do it later :

      How often have you fumed at this answer? Be it cleaning his room or picking up the groceries, he just seems to love to procrastinate. What this actually means, though, is that he wants to avoid the situation completely if he could! Yet if you’re adamant that he do it, he will get it done, albeit later than sooner.
    • LOL :

      This can be an annoying word and teenagers use it a lot. But while it does mean to ‘laugh out loud’, it’s not always conveyed in a humourous context. It can be your teen’s sarcastic way of putting across her thoughts when she doesn’t find anything funny in a given situation.
    • I don't have anything to wear :

      When you hear your teenager say this, don't start listing out the clothes he could wear to the next big event. Instead, get ready for another shopping spree. No matter how often you get him new clothes, these words mean he wants something else in his wardrobe!
    • There's nothing to eat :

      You spend hours cooking tasty dishes so when your child says this, you can't help but yell. You blame her for being thankless. However, what she could mean is that she craves a little junk food and wants you to get it.
    After all’s said and done, your teen is an amusing and loving person. Though there are times when you feel at your wit’s end, try to keep your cool and understand the true meaning of what’s being said.

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