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    Teaching Preschoolers the Concept of Alike and Different
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    Teaching same and different to kids
    16 March 2016

    Teaching Preschoolers the Concept of Alike and Different

    3 mins read
    Cognitive development
    for Pre-schoolers
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    Getting your child to understand the concept of alike and different is essential. To make the process easier, there are quite a few same and different activities for preschoolers. Since this concept will help build the math foundation, it is imperative that your child grasps the concept soon.


    Trying to make your preschooler grasp the 'same' and 'different' concept in math can be challenging. It cannot be taught overnight. In fact, you will need to come up with innovative ways to drive the concept home. How can you ensure that your child picks up the lesson?

    Same and Different Activities for Preschoolers

    • One Concept at a Time:

      When you are trying to teach your child the same and different concept, start with one concept. Begin with the sameness part as it is quite easy to explain. Your child will also be able to grasp the concept quickly. You can use different coloured beads to teach your child. Start by dividing the beads into colour groups. Choose one set of same-colour beads and tell her they are all the same colour.

      You can pick up a bead from any colour group and then ask her to hand you another bead of the same colour. Give her time to think about it. If she cannot do it, encourage her by smiling and ensure the activity is still fun. Pick another bead and match it with a similar colour bead to explain the ‘same’ concept again. Use beads from the main colour groups, like red, yellow, blue and green. When she is confident with the ‘sameness’, only then should you move on to differences. ||
    • Sorting by Shape and Size:

      The same and different concept can be taught by classifying or sorting objects. Using the terms “of the same colour” and “of the same shape,” will help sort and classify different objects. Don't restrict the teaching exercise to the four corners of a room. Take your preschooler on an adventure by taking the activity outdoors.

      You can talk about flowers, leaves, toys and even cars. If you are using flowers to explain the concept, show her a flower bed with similar species and tell her they are all the same. You can then take her to another flower bed and compare it with the earlier one to drive home the ‘different’ concept. You can also use different sized flower pots in your garden to teach her about different and same sizes. Give her time to assimilate the information before asking her to sort flower pots according to size.
    • Teaching Same and Different to Kids through Objects:

      After your preschooler understands sorting by colour, teach her to sort by shape. Begin with a circle and square. Ask your child to identify squares first and then circles. Once she masters the same shape concept, you can introduce different colours and ask her to sort by shape and then colour. Keep practicing with her till she is able to ignore colour while sorting shapes and vice-versa.
    These same and different games for kids will ensure she picks up the concept quickly. Give her time to process the information. Ensure that each lesson is planned with enough gaps.

    How did you teach your preschooler the same and different concept? Let us know.

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