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    Taming Temper Tantrums
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    Temper tantrums
    16 January 2015

    Taming Temper Tantrums

    3 mins read
    Socio-Emotional Development
    for Pre-teen
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    Most children have temper tantrums and meltdowns during pre teenage and it is a very common concern for parents and psychologists. Though, there can be various reasons for any child who displays such behavior, but mostly, it happens when children cannot regulate their emotions. You will have to be very patient while handling these tantrums and meltdowns because you have to make sure you child does not feel depressed about anything.


    Temper Tantrums and meltdowns are a common part of every household. It becomes a real challenge to prevent these tantrums and respond effectively during such situations. Tantrums clearly signify that your child is struggling with his emotions and not being able to control it. The main reason could be anger or anxiety but it can grow up to many bigger things like depression and inferiority complex. It starts with one simple fight but it can grow very deep if you fail to intervene on time.

    Here is a List to help you Tame Temper Tantrums in your Child –

    • Be patient

      You will have an immediate urge to control your child but you should wait for a few minutes and let your child vent it out. Do not stop him mid-way because he will find another method to vent out. Give him some time to self settle.
    • Winning Strategy

      With so many situations you will be able to understand what makes your child calm or what works for both of you. Keep it in mind always because there could be various situations where your child will throw a fit but you should remember how he can be tamed.
    • Distracting

      Distracting or refocusing your child is a good method of dealing with tantrums. You can stock up on his favorite toys and use them in such situations. You can also refocus the child to doing something he likes or take him out for a drive so that he feels better.

    • Continue

      After the incident is over, you should not start blaming the child and make situations worse. Instead, let your child be at peace and continue as if nothing happened. This will fizzle out his anger and you should give him another chance to settle.
    • Acknowledge feelings

      You should not only make an effort to understand his feelings, but also acknowledge it. Your child should be able to share his feelings with you and also feel your empathy at every point of time. Start with building regular positive behavior so that your child feels comfortable and happy.
    • Remind your child of misbehavior

      While you do not have to overreact you cannot just let a meltdown situation go. You should remind the child of his misbehavior when he is normal, and frankly discuss the reasons for it. For all you know it could be something totally different from what you are thinking it to be.
    Though, these practices are for regular success, but as you know there is no rulebook for parenting. Every child is different and so are his feelings, so you know best what works for your child. However, these things can come handy in case of need.

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