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    Stringing Beads With Your Toddler
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    Threading beads fine motor skills
    23 February 2016

    Stringing Beads With Your Toddler

    3 mins read
    Physical Development
    for Toddlers
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    Beads are no doubt the best option to get started with stringing. However, once they are comfortable with these round playthings, get small toys that help toddlers with stringing activities. This will help retain their interest, and hone in their fine motor skills.


    Did you know that apart from stacking and sorting activities, kids love beading exercises too? In fact, beading activities are a part of the Montessori curriculum because it prepares a child for advanced lessons in maths. It develops their coordination skills too. So, make your child sit with you, bring in a basket of colourful beads, find a long string, and get going.

    5 Reasons Why Stringing Beads is Important for Toddlers

    • Increased span of concentration:

      One of the biggest noticeable developmental benefits of stringing beads is improved concentration. Threading exercises require sorting, arranging, and manipulation processes that keep a child engrossed for a long time. So, if you have a restless tot, one good way to keep her stationed in one place is by getting toys that involve stringing. Of course! Don’t forget to applaud your child after she successfully completes her first bead threading assignment! ||
    • Improved hand manipulation:

      Bead threading involves the grasping of beads of varying sizes. Here, kids have to pinch the smaller beads with their thumb and fingers. As a result, finger muscles get strengthened and their pincer grip gets firmer, thus preparing them for writing lessons in future. Also, beading requires rotation, shifting etc., which improves the child’s overall hand manipulation skills. Thus, threading beads improve fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills.
    • Teaches team spirit:

      Bead threading for toddlers usually starts as a group activity. In fact, you can organise a bead threading play date at your place and invite all your kid’s friends. When threading in groups, children learn to share, assist, and cooperate with their peers. This lays the foundation of working in groups and enhances their social skills. Toddlers also experience a strong sense of accomplishment upon successful threading.
    • Enhanced bilateral coordination:

      Threading beads activity for toddlers requires toddlers to scan the beads and visually sort them as per their sizes or colours. Once they get the hang of threading beads, they are able to put them in the right way. They may either choose to string beads in a descending or ascending way. Also, if they want to get a little creative, they may like to alternate between big and small beads while threading. With practice, toddlers learn to use their hands and eyes simultaneously.
    • Prepares for math lessons:

      When do toddlers start stringing beads? They usually start in their pre-school days. One of the major reasons why thread beading is introduced at the preliminary stage is because it preps children for future math lessons. They get a prior idea about length and measurements, learn to count beads, and follow beading patterns. These developmental milestones hone their mathematical skills that can be put to use in their academics, later on.
    So, go ahead and get some chunky, colourful beads for your toddler to get started.Enjoy fun-filled beading moments that you will cherish for years to come.

    What kind of beading activities did your employ? Do share your stories with us.

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