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    Strategies To Teach Object Permanence to your Baby
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    Object permanence in babies
    19 July 2016

    Strategies To Teach Object Permanence to your Baby

    3 mins read
    Cognitive development
    for Baby
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    Object Permanence as a concept is something we know and also teach our kids about. Before we talk about the strategies to teach object permanence to your baby, let’s understand it better. This is basically the ability of your child to understand that objects exist even if they cannot be directly seen or sensed.


    For children below 4 months of age, object permanence does not exist. Have you heard of the phrase out of sight, out of mind? This is precisely how a newborn baby views the world. If something is not within their sight, they think it does not exist in the world.

    1. Game Time to Teach Object Permanence :

      Play is the best way to teach children about any concept in the world. Let’s look at a few games which you can play with your child to teach him about object permanence:
    2. Hide & Seek :

      This is the perfect way to teach your child about the concept of object permanence. While you are playing with your baby with a particular toy, hide it under a blanket or pillow. Your baby may start crying if you hide it completely, as he will think that his precious toy has ceased to exist in the world. So the first time you are playing this game, hide the toy partially. When the toy is partially visible, your infant will begin to understand the concept of object permanence.
    3. Peek-A-Boo :

      Through the above game, your child will begin to understand object permanence and will enjoy this game called peek-a-boo. It is a very easy and fun game to play with your kids. Parents can play this game by covering their kid's eyes with their hand and then removing their hand to reveal their face. Later, when your baby understands this, they will start to cover their own face with a hand or blanket. ||
    4. Out of Sight Talking :

      This is a very interesting game and will raise your baby’s curiosity and excitement while they learn the concept of object permanence. Hide behind a curtain or behind the door and then call for your baby or talk to your baby. Through this exercise, your baby will realise that although you are not around him, you still exist.
    5. In and Out Game :

      Once your child learns the concept of object permanence, he will like to try it out himself and play games. The best thing is to give a box or container to your child and then put one of his toys in it. Show him that it is invisible, then remove the toy to show him it is visible once again. Through this game, your baby will learn to explore this concept by himself.
    Learning with fun is the best strategy to teach children any new concept. The more creative you get, the better your baby learns. The more your baby learns with fun, the better his the retention of that particular topic. So enjoy teaching your kids and be creative moms!

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