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    Speech and Language Development between 6 and 9 years
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    16 January 2015

    Speech and Language Development between 6 and 9 years

    Socio-Emotional Development
    for Pre-teen
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    Speech is one of the most important tools, your little one will use in communicating as she reaches the age of six and progresses on. Here are tips to assist your child in ensuring her meticulous development.


    By the age of six, your little one might have picked up a fairly good vocabulary and continues to do so. This is also the age when she begins her interactions with a world outside and the protected communities you have exposed her to, the school, the school bus, the playground and so on – the influences are multiple. And the vocabulary will see the impact of all this.

    Milestones to Watch Out for

    These are the milestones to broadly watch out for as your child hits the magic six-mark.
    • They will use seven and eight-word sentences:

      Their speech is coming closer to the way we tend to speak at home amongst ourselves, and hence, the sentences will be relatively longer and complete. The cute three-word sentences are now a thing of the past.
    • Correct tenses:

      You will also notice your child using correct forms of tense where relevant. The reason for this may be the discussions and observations carried at school. By age nine – that is in standard three – students are taught past, present and future tenses in class. And your kid is able to connect this successfully with what they hear at home. Your baby is not just concentrating on the words now – but the pronunciation and tenses too.
    • Enjoy reading books on their own:

      Until now, reading was always a family activity, or at least a combined one. But now, as they come into their own with abilities to read and understand, they prefer to do it themselves. While the odd doubt will still be directed to you, the solo play is big.
    • Love to tell jokes and riddles:

      This is the first step in understanding the relevance of gaps at important junctures in your conversation. Your child is picking this up too when she offers to entertain you with jokes and riddles when you come back from work.

    Ways to Help your Kid in her Development

    • Speak clearly:

      Be sure to use your words in absolutely the right context. Also, pronounce your words correctly. They are all ears to every word you say, and horror of horrors, it may be repeated verbatim in their class.
    • Listen to them reading:

      While they are reading stories, be attentive to what they say. You can play a role reversal with them – once upon a time you used to read stories to her, now let her read to you. Correct where you feel she is making a mistake and clarify doubts on meanings or usage when she has one. Make it a game to look up anything you do not have the answer to. That way, she is also learning the right way to learn new things.
    • Appreciate her efforts:

      Always make it a point to realistically appreciate her efforts. At the same time, point out the faults and let her know that you are around and help her out if she needs assistance in developing those parts.
    A little time and patience shown by you can do wonders in developing your little one’s language and speech.

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