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    Self-defense Tips Your Teen can Use
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    15 January 2015

    Self-defense Tips Your Teen can Use

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    Many people are under the impression that a karate kick or a jab in the eyes is self-defense. Actual self-defense is when you do everything possible to avoid a fight with someone who threatens and attacks you. You need to teach your kids to use their instinct, intellect, a little common sense and physical power to overcome the attacker. The most important aspect that you need to make them aware is that avoiding trouble is the primary step to self-defense.


    It is important for parents to describe some self defense techniques, so that they can fight effectively when they are charged by an attacker. Taekwondo is a type of training that parents can look forward to, if they want their child to think and act under pressure or in emergency situations.

    Teach your Child Awareness

    Self defense rules teach you to avoid the trouble rather than reacting to it aggressively. This is the first lesson you need to teach your children. Teach them to avoid confrontations or any such kind of behavior with the people they deal with.
    Tell the child how to recognize when a person is angry. It gives them a chance to be out of the way when trouble is brewing. Talk to them about their friends and peers, and ask them to make friends with non-aggressive kids.
    Educate your teen about the unsafe places in your nearby area, and ask them to discuss the importance of staying with a group of friends they can trust.

    Teach your Child to Stay Calm under Pressure

    Untrained teenagers either can freeze or panic in a situation when they are attacked. Neither of which is beneficial in self defense. Your child should be able to stay calm under pressure, should think clearly and should use the basic self-defense techniques to a great effect. Learning to stay calm during confrontation takes time and practice and it isn’t something that comes naturally to most people. Training in taekwondo is something you can consider to train your teens in, so that they learn to act in a composed manner in situations that are threatening.

    Using your Brains

    Fighting back in self defense can actually worsen the situation. The attacker is already angry and might even get violent when the person who is attacked retaliates. The best way to handle an attack is to try to get away, and you are least likely to get injured. Teach your teen to trust their instinct – their intuition and common sense to get out of trouble unscathed.

    Teach your teenager to de-escalate a situation. Acting or speaking in a way that can prevent things from getting worse is better than getting hurt. Giving the thief your money rather than fighting or running reduces chances of being hurt. Agreeing with taunts of a harasser when no one else is around can also de-escalate the situation and give a chance to get away from the bully. Not losing your temper can prevent a worse situation. This might not always work, but then this is where instinct takes over.

    What if the Worst Happens?

    If the teenager or child is attacked by an adult, their best bet is to shout and yell at the top of their voice, wriggle and kick their legs hard and fast. The attacker’s shins will take a beating. Also pinching is a very good self defense technique. Pinching on thin skin – arms or the inside of a thigh works best. Bending the attacker’s fingers backward is a great way to get an adult to release them. Once free from their grab, they need to run for their lives and try to get help or be in and around crowded areas.
    In a nutshell, it can be said that the best self defense for kids and teens is to stay out of danger.

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