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    Read This If You Want To Take Up a Job After Motherhood
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    22 August 2016

    Read This If You Want To Take Up a Job After Motherhood

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    About Netsurf
    In their chaotic lives, all moms sometimes end up feeling lost, unfulfilled and tired. This is why we partnered with Netsurf to help you reclaim your life and vitality.
    Being a mother is a life-altering experience. It is also something that requires a lot of time, attention and responsibility. So much so that once you become a mom, it can be seem very challenging to fit anything else into your daily schedule. However, some months down the line, you have gained more confidence as a mom and are assured that your baby is developing normally. Sometimes, when you’re lost in thought, you consider the idea of taking up a job. You want to experience the joy of financial independence and the joy of socialising and meeting people again. But is finding a job after motherhood something you can manage?


    Of course! Whether you held a job in the past or this is the first time you are planning to, there are plenty of good opportunities. You only need to look for them properly. To get you started on this fresh journey, we have created a set of important things to keep in mind. This will let you fit into your new role as a working mother smoothly – without guilt, trepidation or insecurity of any kind. You can do it!

    • Brace Up For Some Changes in Your Routine :

      The moment you start thinking about either returning to or taking up a new job, your life is sure to change. There will be things to plan for, meals to prepare in advance, hours spent away from the kids. As a mother, this is going to be hard. What you can do is explore opportunities that let you keep the control of your time in your hands. The team at Netsurf has created an opportunity for mothers that could be just what you’re looking for. Joining Asmita gives women a kickstart in the direct selling business for Netsurf’s herbal beauty products range. Since its inception, 76,332 women have joined the business! Here’s the best part: you can choose your role as a consumer, retailer or networker. You can also choose your hours. This means you can be there with the kids whenever they need you.
    • You Don’t Need to Wait Until Baby is on Solid Foods :

      It is a common misconception that breastfeeding moms cannot take up jobs. But many moms continue to breastfeed for well over a year. Does this mean a year’s leave of absence is a must? No! Breastfeeding after returning to work is perfectly possible. You only need to pump in advance and store your milk in sterilised milk bottles. If you’re considering going back to work, we recommend getting started on this right away so both you and your baby have time to adapt.
    • Think About The Kind of Job That Fits Your Requirement :

      Are you looking for a full-time or part-time job? Or do you want a work-from-home position? The opportunities available to you will vary based on your skillset, experience and expectation. If this is your first brush with job hunting, you’re probably ranking self-esteem and independence higher than money. Even if you have worked before, it is possible that the kind of time and pressure you will want to handle now may be different. Look for something that fits these requirements but does justice to your skills. Getting onboard a direct selling venture, for example, can be a good solution if socialisation and networking are your strengths. Working for Netsurf’s Asmita lets you connect with your old friend circles again. Plus, you can earn really good money through their rewards and recognition programs. Till date, the total payout given to Asmita distributors is a staggering Rs. 2,85,31,812! As many as 1429 women have become Club Asmita achievers and for this group, the sky is the limit. 

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    • You Have to Enrol Your Husband For Help :

      This one is mandatory. Your spouse must be prepared to help you and be ready to accept that a few things around the house are going to change. He will have to look after the baby on weekdays sometimes. There may be more food ordered from outside. The living room may be messier than usual. Settling into a new job is always taxing – but you will soon learn it. Till things even out, have a conversation with your husband about this and sign him on for household help. You can also approach your parents, friends and neighbours for babysitting duty whenever needed.

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    • Embrace The Power Of Organization :

      We are talking about a to-do list that lists your daily tasks and timings when you’ll be in and out of the house. You may have to attend meetings and interviews while in the job-hunting stage as well, and certainly after that. You will need to stock up on things more – snacks, nursing pads, diapers, feeding bottles, clothes…It helps to learn to be extra careful (even more than usual) so you are meeting deadlines and not missing appointments. From power dressing for an interview or work meeting to being there at your baby’s vaccination appointment, you’ll be juggling quite a lot. Diaries, calendars and alarm clocks will be your new best friends.
    • Refresh Your Professional Skills and Go!

      Finally, now that you have made up your mind and also made lifestyle adjustments, take a long, hard look at your professional skills. Spruce up or create a CV and include skillsets you think are relevant. Don’t worry if you have never worked before or have a long career gap. Everything counts – a short-term course, a class you have taken, an internship you did in college. At Asmita, for example, your skills in meeting new people and pitching interesting products to them is what will make the difference. If you have others’ best interests in mind – as all moms do – this is something you can really shine at. What’s more, it also lets you sharpen associated skills of networking, marketing, sales and meeting targets.
    There, mom. Taking up a job after motherhood may seem like a daunting affair at first, but when broken down, it sure gets manageable. Pull up your socks, set your mind to it and off you go!

    Have you been considering taking up a job or have you already started one? Do tell us about your experiences in the comments – let’s learn from each other.

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