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    Pregnant Soha Ali Khan Tells Us Why She Thinks Comparison With Bhabhi Kareena Is UNFAIR
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    05 May 2017

    Pregnant Soha Ali Khan Tells Us Why She Thinks Comparison With Bhabhi Kareena Is UNFAIR

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    Welcoming a baby in the house is an occasion of great joy – perhaps one of the greatest joys – for the family. And for the Khan household, it is turning out to be a totally baby-tastic year! Only a few months after Kareena Kapoor Khan delivered her cute baby son Taimur in December, her sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan has also announced her pregnancy! She is expecting her first child with husband Kunal Khemu later this year. It would be natural to assume that she will be looking forward to tips on pregnancy, health and delivery from her bhabhi. However, in a recent interview, Soha Ali Khan revealed why she does NOT like to compare her pregnancy with anyone else’s, including Bebo…


    Pregnancy is an experience fraught with challenges. Yes, it is undoubtedly beautiful and a time of great pampering for the mom-to-be. But the daily struggle of dealing with morning sickness, cramps, cravings and anxieties makes this a high-risk and high-tension time. In this situation, it can be helpful to turn to a family member for advice, especially if they have recently gone through the journey of pregnancy and delivery. Other members in the family, relatives and friends also tend to start comparing the two women – the one who recently gave birth, and the one who is expecting her child in the near future.

    Soha Ali Khan too was asked if she would be turning to sis-in-law Bebo for advice. Bebo’s pregnancy and motherhood has been setting new trends in maternal health and fitness, fashion, and balancing motherhood with your identity as a woman. So would Soha also be following in her footsteps and imitating what she did?

    Why Soha Does Not Want Her Pregnancy To Be Compared With Kareena’s

    Soha’s reason is very simple and something all of us can relate to as women and mothers: every pregnancy is unique, and comparing a pregnancy to someone else’s is unfair to both of them!

    She says, “Nobody wants comparisons, because everybody is different — be it working or dressing up. Some are required to rest more; some are healthy and sail through their pregnancy. It’s unfair to make comparisons because every pregnancy is different and there’s no right or wrong.

    When I don’t feel I have the energy to do something, I don’t do it. I’m not taking on too much because this is a priority and everything else takes a backseat.”

    Soha Ali Khan & Kunal KhemuWe totally agree with her reasoning. It is true that every woman goes through different experiences when she is expecting – while some have higher energy levels and can do multiple things, others need more rest. The same kind of diet does not suit everyone. Some women flaunt their baby bump happily and look glowing in maternity wear, while others prefer to stay more private. Ultimately, how to approach a pregnancy is the prerogative and decision of only one person – the mother-to-be.

    How Soha & Kunal Are Preparing For Their Role As Parents

    While Kareena’s pregnancy remained in the limelight for several months at stretch, with every little detail being widely discussed, Soha wants to keep more to herself. In fact, she didn’t even want to divulge her husband’s reaction to her pregnancy. And here too, her reason is 100% relatable! Both she and her husband get nervous if too much is revealed! After all, they are newcomers to the whole parenting experience, and it can be unnerving to discuss too much in public.

    “I’m not telling anybody what he said. That’s very private. Kunal and I, we’re both very new to this. We always get very nervous talking about things that are so personal… Actually, I don’t want to talk about it too much, apart from saying that we both are clueless about being parents. We still have a while to go, so we’re just looking for positive vibes and blessings from everyone around us.”

    Meanwhile, Soha is enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest, keeping herself comfortable and collecting happy vibes from her loved ones. She is also taking care to wear the right clothes and footwear, with particular focus on wearing flats when needed, to maintain balance.

    “When it comes to heels, I carry my flats, too, in the car. [Also] at this stage, it’s alright [to wear heels] but later when you are worried about being off-balance, that’s when you have to, of course, be comfortable.”
    Soha Ali Khan

    Here’s a big round of congratulations to Soha and Kunal, the parents-to-be, and we can’t wait to welcome your baby! We are sure little Taimur is also eagerly awaiting the arrival of his cousin! :)

    Via Hindustan Times | Pictures

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