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    Pre-Labour and Labour Tips for Having Normal Delivery
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    how to have a normal delivery
    26 August 2015

    Pre-Labour and Labour Tips for Having Normal Delivery

    3 mins read
    Labour and Delivery
    for Pregnancy
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    Every mother wants a healthy child, but the childbirth process can be really stressful. However, drugs during labour are not the only solution for having a normal delivery. By making the right lifestyle choices from the first week of pregnancy, you can reduce the drug intake necessity during labour.


    Childbirth is a life-changing occasion for every mother, and she deserves to have a healthy and pleasant experience. While the certainty of labour cannot be predicted, the well being of a baby can be achieved by paying extra attention during pregnancy and on the due date.

    Pre-Labour Tips For Having Normal Delivery

    1. Don’t starve yourself:

      Maintaining a balanced diet doesn’t mean restricting yourself from cravings. From the day your pregnancy is confirmed, make a habit to eat a nutritious and balanced diet which is enriched with nutrients and vitamins. Fruits, fibre intake, pulses, vegetables, milk and fresh juice are recommended.
    2. Increase water intake:

      Increasing water intake in diet will help enhance the metabolism rate. Make sure to have 8-10 glasses of water daily.
    3. Lead a stress-free routine:

      Whatever mood you are in will also reflect on your baby. Throughout the pregnancy period, try to remain stress-free. Difficult but possible! Being in the right state of mind can help achieve normal delivery.
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    5. Regular exercise and yoga are must:

      The objective of encouraging regular exercise and meditation is to ensure that you won’t face as much pain during delivery. Exercise will help control your muscles which can be easily stretched when required.
    6. Prepare yourself for the main event through prenatal class:

      Prenatal classes will give you an understanding of actual delivery by giving a preview of delivery. The activities and tips you will learn here eventually help in fast and easy childbirth.
    7. Find a supportive practitioner:

      The right and experienced practitioner will give you full knowledge regarding the kind of mishaps and problems occurred during pregnancy. Ask him about the pain medications available and what exactly their usage will do to your delivery. All these queries must be clarified before the due date.

    8. Pre-Labour Tips For Having Normal Delivery

      Labour-day tips

    9. Right position for delivery:

      Giving birth by lying on your back is not an ideal position for delivery. To ensure a normal and less painful delivery, it is recommended to choose more upright position during labour. This will help in enhancing “the push”.
    10. Remain active by moving around:

      In some conditions, the mother gets tired during delivery which can delay the process and increase the pain. The best solution is to remain active during the time when labour starts. Switching positions on bed and even walking around is recommended - as much as possible.
    Giving birth is sure to be one of your life's most precious, if also painful, moments. Try to stay confident, follow the right lifestyle, and it will not be as hard as you thought!

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