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    Planning for a Double Delight? 16 Ways to Get Pregnant with Twins Naturally
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    how to get pregnant with twins
    16 March 2015

    Planning for a Double Delight? 16 Ways to Get Pregnant with Twins Naturally

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    The topic of having twins polarizes many couples. Some couples want to raise two babies simultaneously while others are happy with raising one baby at a time. Twin siblings can be close companions to each other, and can also help you have a big family if that is what your heart desires. There are several natural and medical ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins. However, natural methods are always the most desirable path to take.


    In this article

    How Are Twins Formed
    Chances of Conceiving Twins
    Fertility Boosters For Conceiving Twins Naturally
    Sex Positions To Get Pregnant With Twins
    Fertility Herbs for Twins

    The phenomenon of conceiving twins is not uncommon. Ethnicity, lifestyle, diet and genetics play a crucial role in twin pregnancies. You can increase your chances of conceiving twins naturally as well. As per reports, ethnicity, lifestyle, diet and genetics play a crucial role in twin pregnancies. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been a 76% increase in the birth rate of twins in the past 30 years. Nowadays, many women conceive after the age of 30, which is also one of the reasons for twin pregnancies.

    Twins can either be fraternal or identical. However, the chances of conceiving fraternal twins are more. Read further to know how to have twins naturally.

    How Are Twins Formed

    Usually, humans produce only one offspring at the end of a pregnancy (unlike dogs, cats, and several other animals which produce more). However, sometimes a woman can give birth to more than one child at the end of her pregnancy. The most common multiple birth is that of twins. Twins can result from either a single egg (known as monozygotic twins, or identical twins), or two eggs (known as dizygotic twins, or fraternal twins).

    how are twins formed

    In the case of monozygotic twins – a single sperm fertilises the egg, but the resulting zygote splits into two, each of which gives rise to one child. The two children hence originate from a single ('mono') zygote. This is why they are identical, and share the same genetic make-up too!

    In the case of dizygotic twins – there are two eggs that are produced by the woman's body (known as hyperovulation), each of which is fertilised by a separate sperm, giving rise to two zygotes and hence two children. These twins hence are not genetically identical. They are only about as similar as siblings.

    Apart from these two kinds, there are several other kinds of twins – conjoined twins, parasitic twins, etc. However, the survival rate of such twins is very low.

    Chances of Conceiving Twins

    A lot of different factors come into play when it comes to conceiving twins. Some of these are under our control, some are not, and some only increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins, but this is not assured!

    Here are a few factors that increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

    Family History or Heredity

    Do you or your partner have a history of twins in your family? If you do, chances are high you will have twins too! However, this holds true only for fraternal twins. Additionally, even if there is no 'history of twins' in your family, but if you yourself are a twin, your chances are still higher than ordinary people.

    Body Types (Height and Weight of a Woman)

    Twins are more common in slightly overweight and taller women than in women who are underweight or small in stature.

    Conceiving While Breastfeeding

    The body of a breastfeeding woman produces more prolactin, a hormone that helps in lactation. High prolactin levels have been associated with better chances of conceiving twins. However, this may be extremely subjective, because some women report an absence of ovulation for the duration that they are breastfeeding.

    IVF/IUI and Other Fertility Methods

    Fertility treatments make use of drugs that stimulate ovulation in women. Sometimes, these drugs cause women to produce more than one egg. Taking the aid of such treatments can hence increase your chances of conceiving twins.

    However, an important point to remember here is: seeking IVF/IUI treatment only to conceive twins while being perfectly fit to conceive naturally is unethical, and most doctors will advise you against it. Fertility aids should be sought only by couples who are facing a genuine problem in conceiving naturally.



    In India, high twinning rate has been found in Kodinji village of Kerala, and Mohammadpur Umri village of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Many believe that this is actually not a factor of ethnicity but geography. For example, the chemicals present in the drinking water of Kodinji are believed to have raised the rate of twinning, to the point that it has now become a common phenomenon in that group of people. So if anyone in your family tree belonged to any of these or other such ethnic groups, your chances of conceiving twins improve.


    Women over the age of 35 release more follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) than younger women. This hormone helps in releasing more than one egg in a single cycle, making sure they get pregnant in one go. As discussed earlier, this is known as hyperovulation. Hyperovulation increases chances of conceiving twins.

    More Pregnancies Previously

    The chances of getting pregnant with twins increases with the number of pregnancies you have had in the past. Women with more than one pregnancy are more likely to conceive twins.

    Fertility Boosters For Conceiving Twins Naturally

    There are a number of natural foods you can consume, and tips and tricks you can follow to up your chances of conceiving twins. What these foods and tips are, and how they work, is explained below.

    WATCH: How to Get Pregnant With Twins

    Gaining Weight

    As mentioned earlier, heavier women have a better chance of conceiving twins. A lot of women hence try to gain weight in order to get pregnant with twins. However, this suggestion should be regarded cautiously: twinning has been favourably observed in women with a BMI of 30, but the 'healthy' range of BMI for women is between 20 and 25. Do not gain so much weight that it in fact hinders your possibility of becoming pregnant, or gives rise to any other pregnancy complications.

    Folic Acid Supplements

    Doctors generally prescribe folic acid during pregnancy to reduce the chances of babies being born with neural-tube defects. However, taking folic acid a month before conceiving increases your chances of multiple births. Starting with folic acid supplements a month in advance of trying to conceive can act as a good fertility booster for conceiving twins naturally.

    Note: Folic acid is also among the best vitamins recommended for pregnant women as it helps in the prevention of neural tube defects. These defects, if they occur, can cause serious abnormalities that affect the baby’s spinal cord and brain.

    Dairy Products

    Women on high dairy consumption are 5% more likely to have twins. This connection is not entirely clear, but it has been speculated that the hormones administered to cattle to regulate their milk production affect a woman's body and predispose her to conceiving twins.

    Yams and Sweet Potatoes

    Yams and sweet potatoes have both been used by women historically to regularise their ovarian cycles. The same could also help them conceive twins. This is suggested based on the observations that women who conceive twins usually have a diet that is rich in yams and/or sweet potatoes. Also, the peel of the cassava (yuca) causes hyper-ovulation and is known to cause twin pregnancies.

    Note: It is extremely important to ensure you cook cassava fully before consuming it since raw cassava can cause serious health problems. Certain groups of chemicals found in raw cassava have the ability to severely deplete the oxygen reserves in your body. this can prove to be fatal. so ensure your cassava is properly cooked before eating it!

    Birth Control Pills

    Contraceptive pills regulate the body's ovulation cycle. However, having become dependent on the pills, the body sometimes goes into hyperovulation mode when you discontinue the pills, increasing the chances of conceiving twins. So, if you want to boost your chances of having twins, it helps to discontinue birth control pills just before trying to conceive.

    Zinc Rich Foods For Your Partner

    Zinc is good for male fertility. Zinc improves sperm health, increases sperm mobility, and thereby improves your chances of getting pregnant. It has also been found to improve chances of conceiving twins. Encourage your partner to eat lots of green leafy vegetables, cereals, wheat germ, or you can also opt for doctor-approved dosage of zinc supplements.

    Sex Positions To Get Pregnant With Twins

    While the above factors are likely to affect your chances of conceiving twins, there are a lot of sex positions that help you conceive fast. The following sex positions have been advised by a lot of happy couples as sex positions that help conceive twins.

    Side by Side Position

    side by side sex position to conceive twins

    The side-by-side position is not just easy and comfortable but it is also very romantic, and hence tops our list. The woman lies on her side, one leg lifted close to her chest, and the man penetrates her from behind. Another variation could be where the man approaches the woman from the front. The woman in turn places her folded leg on the man's waist, allowing the man to come closer and penetrate deeper. This would be a great way to up your chances of getting pregnant!

    Standing Position

    standing sex position to conceive twins

    This one will require both partners to be extremely fit. The original position involves the man supporting the entire weight of the woman by lifting her off the ground, and then penetrating her. A variation of this could be to use a chair – the woman can place one leg on the ground, and the other can be on a chair. The standing position allows for deep penetration, increasing your chances of conceiving.

    Rear Entry Position

    rear entry sex position to conceive twins

    Rear entry – also known as doggy style – has several variations. The most common one is when the woman is on all her fours, and the man enter from behind. This position allows for the sperms to be released close to the eggs, further within the cervix, than other positions do, increasing your chances of getting pregnant greatly.

    Missionary Position

    missionary sex position to conceive twins

    This is one of the most popular, comfortable, and easy sex positions and is the 'default' sex position of most couples. The good news is, it is also a good position to try out if you want to conceive twins. This is mainly because the sperms are able to reach the egg faster, increasing your chances of getting knocked up.

    Fertility Herbs for Twins

    Apart from the diet changes mentioned above, there are a number of different herbs you can consume to up your chances of conceiving twins. Consumptions of fertility herbs for twins is an important and easy step in conceiving twins, especially beneficial for those couple that want to depend on natural fertility boosters for twins rather than on consuming drugs.

    Here are some of the best herbs you can include in your diet as a natural remedy for conceiving twins!

    fertility herbs to conceive twins

    Whether or not you succeed in getting pregnant with twins is not entirely in your hands. However, if you take care of your lifestyle and diet and follow the above tips, you can increase your chances of conceiving twins. Go the natural way, and make your pregnancy a double blessing!

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    My name is Caroline Ahmed from New York,After 6 years of marriage with no child i finally I got pregnant Glory to God almighty my Dear sister am writing to you to share with you what the Iya Hindi Has done, I said to myself that I will testify when the Hindi does this with herbal medicine ,I emailed you for a request of your pregnancy medicine last year after seeing the testimonies of other ladies on your website online I decided t put my faith and come in agreement with you.Your pregnancy medicine and You prayed for me we agreed for me to conceive, Hallelujah!! Yes I did conceive two months after and I am now 4 months pregnant Glory to the Almighty God. I know I will have a smooth and easy delivery him.
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    I didn't understood how taking folic acid tabs can increase your chances to conceive Twin babies.



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