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    Newborn Week 9 — Baby Growth and Development
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     Baby’s growth in 9th week
    04 September 2015

    Newborn Week 9 — Baby Growth and Development

    4 mins read
    for New Born
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    At two months, your baby will be a constant source of entertainment. Many of you would have gained expertise in feeding, diaper changes and understanding what your baby wants at what time. Read on to know about more nuances of her developmental journey.


    Your Newborn Baby's Growth Week-By-Week – Ninth Week

    • Physical Development

      • Your baby will start to grow at an accelerated rate now, as a baby's birth weight doubles in the first three months.
      • She will be able to observe her hands, move her fingers and follow the movement with her eyes. Notice how she follows people moving in the room.
      • By now, your baby may sleep for three to four hours at a stretch most nights, but don’t worry if this happens one night and not the next. It’s just that her routine is still developing and will take some time.
      • Time between two naps also increases.
      • Though short-lived, your baby will be able to hold up and support her head at around 90 degrees during tummy time.
    • Cognitive Development

      • Your baby will now display lots of curiosity towards her surroundings. She will watch people and objects as they move around and express interest in new or unfamiliar objects.
      • She'll also pay close attention to new faces as human babies are wired to, and will want to touch and explore them.


    • Social and Emotional Development

      • Play with your child every morning as soon as she gets up and after the feeds, these are the times when she's very alert and would love to interact with you.
      • You may see your little one already favours a particular toy more than the others; she'll smile and communicate when she sees her toy.
      • Some of you may plan to go back to work, it’s always better to weigh your options with your partner, work upon a plan that makes sense financially as well as emotionally and then make a decision.
      • Her vision has improved and she's now able to look steadily at objects that are about 20cm away.
    • Language/Communication

      • Your baby has now learnt to communicate with you with her baby talk and expressions.
      • Crying can peak at this time, do not panic and look for what’s required by her. She may just need you for reassurance and the crying could be her way of calling out to you. Three months or 12 weeks is usually seen as the time when majority of babies get calmer.
    • Play

      • Hang Up Mirrors: Place an unbreakable mirror in the crib or next to the changing table for her to see her face and movements. Position a large mirror low on the wall so she can see herself when she is playing on the floor. This will help her develop a better sense of self recognition and awareness later on.
      • Stroke the backs of her knuckles with a rattle. Then, as her fingers open, place it gently in her palm. In the beginning, she won't be able to hold it for very long, but the experience of holding and dropping it will let her practice for later play.
    • Contact your Pediatrician:

      Most mothers may end their maternity leaves around this time — talk to your pediatrician about the change in feeding patterns and generally on how to take care of your baby while you're away from home.
    • Vaccination Schedule

      • Check for the vaccination schedule at week 8, if all the vaccines have been given, there is none required for this week.
    Your baby has finally established a communication line with you, she needs you more and will enjoy the fact that you come to her when she calls out! Going back to work is a difficult decision to make, but with a good support system and a helpful family a lot can be achieved. Happy mommy'ing!

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