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    New Dad Shahid Kapoor Opens Up About Misha and Just How He Wants to Bring Up His Daughter
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    18 November 2016

    New Dad Shahid Kapoor Opens Up About Misha and Just How He Wants to Bring Up His Daughter

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    Shahid Kapoor’s journey of parenting began earlier this year when the couple welcomed their daughter Misha, whose very name is a beautiful combination of her parents’ names – Shahid and Mira. In the months since her birth, Shahid has discovered new aspects of his personality, of his relationship with his father and his wife, and even of his future plans for his little one. It is said that the arrival of a child opens our doors to self-discovery. Shahid is proving it and how!


    On Why He Doesn’t Want to Raise Misha Like His Dad Pankaj Kapur

    We learn basics of parenting from our parents. The way they brought us up, the lessons they taught us, how they would discipline us and also bond with us. But this doesn’t mean that we always agree with everything they do as a parent. We often have new ideas on raising kids and that is perfectly fine. What matters is that these ideas should stem from the heart. Shahid shares a wonderful relationship with his father, who is one of the legendary actors of his time. But he doesn’t want to raise Misha like his Dad raised him: with overprotection. He wants to be a more doting dad who connects with his child on a day to day basis.

    “My dad is a great guy and is an extremely nice person. (But) He is also over protective and hyper. I hope I won’t be that to my daughter. What my dad told me was that ‘Now, you will know all the complaints that I have always had against you. Now you will know what it's like when you miss your child.’”

    On Why He Wouldn’t Want Misha To Be An Actor

    Though Shahid has been in the film industry for several years now and carved a big name for himself doing a variety of cinema, he doesn’t seem inclined to let Misha take the same path. He feels being an actor can be very demanding and a tough job. In fact, he admits that if Misha comes up to him and says, “Dad I want to be an actor”, he will be petrified! This is an advice Shahid has also given to his siblings. Well, Misha is too little now to consider career options so we will wait and watch.

    On Why Paternity Leave is Important

    Shahid was one of the few Bollywood actors who actually took – and made the most of – his paternity leave. He has always been dedicated to his work, but now, he is also dedicated to fatherhood. He was off work for five months starting from his wife’s last trimester and up to now, when Misha is almost 2 months old. Paternity leave is still a misunderstood concept in India, with many new Dads either not opting for it or not being able to. This is not a paid vacation; it is a critical time for their partner and their new baby, and their support can make or break these new dynamics in both relationships.

    “Every day is amazing with her. You don’t realise how much a child can make you feel. I asked friends with babies for advice and they all said, when it will happen you will know.”

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    On Why He Keeps His Daughter Away From The Media

    Meanwhile, the family is off on a mini vacation before Shahid returns to work after his paternity leave. Shahid made sure his two-months-old was covered from head to toe to both protect her and keep her from being photographed. He has always been very insistent that he doesn’t want Misha’s pictures to be up on the internet at this time. Even though he is a Bollywood star, he wants to limit the interference of the paparazzi in his personal life, and especially in his daughter’s early days. A very wise decision, we must say, Shahid! Babies easily get over-stimulated and this makes them cranky and irritable. Also, the first few years of life should ideally be as peaceful as can be, as they are intended for growing up fast, getting nourished, and bonding with the parents and the family.

    Finally, The One Thing He Feels All Dads Should Do

    Shahid is a new Dad, learning the ropes, and making each day count. But he has already discovered one activity where dads can really make them helpful, not just to their baby but also to their tired and sleep-deprived child. Changing diapers! On a serious note, Shahid pitches in for parenting duties wholeheartedly. He understands, as all dads should, that this is a challenging time for their wife, and she needs all the support she can.

    “Learn to change diapers. You will get little sleep. But whatever you do it will be less compared to what your wife is doing.”

    Soon, Shahid will start shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's new film Padmavati, with Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, which will mean less time spent with daughter dear. But knowing this doting Dad, we are sure he will find a way out to both complete his work as well as be home in time to enjoy Misha’s company. After all, there is nothing as beautiful as childhood, is there, both for the one who’s living it and for the parents of the little child.

    Here’s wishing the beautiful family many wonderful moments with the apple of their eye – Misha! It’s time for them to appreciate the blessings that having a baby brings to the world.

    Via BollywoodLife

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